City Council Regular Meeting - Minutes

Mon., Sep. 12, 2016

Mayor Drotzmann called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Present were Councilors Myers, Hardin, Gutierrez, Kirwan, Davis, and Smith. Councilors Beas-Fitzgerald and Primmer were excused. Staff members in attendance were City Manager Byron Smith, City Attorney Gary Luisi, Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan, Kelly Parsons, Clinton Spencer, Bill Schmittle, Roy Bicknell, Larry Fetter, Ron Sivey, Roberto Herrera, Judge Creasing, and Lilly Alarcon-Strong. News media present was Jade McDowell of the East Oregonian and Michael Cane of NE Oregon Now. The pledge of allegiance was given.

Recognition- Robert Herrera

Mayor Drotzmann presented the ODOT Development Technology Transfer Center, Oregon Road Scholar Level One Program Certificate to Robert Herrera.

Street Superintendent Ron Sivey stated Mr. Herrera completed the program within one year, two years faster than anyone else has. Mr. Herrera is now more knowledgeable on road maintenance, repairs, and road building skills.

Mayor Drotzmann congratulated and thanked Mr. Herrera for all his hard work achieving this level of education and encouraged his continued education.

Presentation- Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting

City Manager Smith stated the City of Hermiston has received its 26th consecutive Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting as given by the Government Finance Officers Association. This award represents the City’s good government accounting principles and that the City is accurately reporting financial statements.

Mayor Drotzmann stated this is a great achievement for the City of Hermiston and the Finance Department, and thanked the City staff for their work.

Consent Items

Councilor Gutierrez moved and Councilor Kirwan seconded to approve all Consent Agenda items, to include:

  1. Minutes of the August 22nd, regular City Council meeting.
  2. Minutes of the May 19th and July 14th, Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.
  3. Minutes of the July 27th, Faith-Based Advisory Committee special meeting.
  4. Minutes of the August 3rd, Airport Advisory Committee meeting.
  5. Announcement of standing committee vacancy for the unexpired portion of a 3-year term beginning November 1st, 2016 and ending October 31st, 2019.
    Airport Advisory Committee- position #5
    Parks and Recreation Committee- positions #4, #5, #6 and #7. (Deadline for submitting applications is September 26th, 2016.)
    Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution 2038- Approval of a Franchise agreement to Fatbeam, LLC for fiber optic service to the Hermiston School District.- was read and discussed. City Manager Smith stated Fatbeam, LLC was awarded the School Districts bid to provide fiber optic services.

Assistant City Manager Morgan stated this is a very standard franchise agreement that is specifically only for the school district at his time. Because this is a new contract, it will be difficult to estimate how much additional revenues this will bring in.

Councilor Smith moved and Councilor Hardin seconded to approve Resolution No. 2038 and lay upon the record. Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution 2039- Approval to install two “STOP” signs on N.W. 5th Street at W. Madrona Ave.- was read and discussed. City Manager Smith stated this was a request from a resident that felt this intersection was becoming dangerous.

Mayor Drotzmann stated he would like to see a visual of the proposed intersection in the future.

Councilor Myers stated she recently went through this intersection and does believe these STOP signs are needed.

Councilor Davis moved and Councilor Kirwan seconded to approve Resolution No. 2039 and lay upon the record. Motion carried unanimously.

Umatilla County Emergency Dispatch services Contract

City Manager Smith stated a few years ago the City entered into an agreement for dispatch services with Umatilla County. With any new contract or service there are always some bumps to overcome, one of these issues were that smaller jurisdictions were not making contributions to the system which brought up the calculation formula that was being used. The County formed a committee that consisted of members from each jurisdiction to address these issues and make the new formula workable for every jurisdiction. The contract amount was approved in the budget, this contract is to approve the formula and includes an increase of $50,000.00/yr, but the jurisdictions feel that this is a sustainable formula with all contributing. The City feels that the new contract is reasonable and recommends the Council approve the contract.

Councilor Kirwan stated he remembers the initial distich move would save the City $200,000.00/yr; will there be a steady increase of $ 50,000.00/yr as our population continues to grow.

City Manager Smith stated no, he does not believe so. This is to stabilize the formula based on assessed valuation that all cities agreed upon.

Mayor Drotzmann stated the City is growing faster than the communities around us and asked if there is a cap.

City Manager Smith stated there is no cap at this point, but there is an advisory committee that will look at this on an annual basis to make sure this is still workable. Originally, only Pendleton and Hermiston had contracts and were paying fees; now all smaller surrounding communities and fire districts will also contribute to this contract, as well as more 911 taxes.

Mayor Drotzmann asked who is represented on the advisory committee.

City Manager Smith stated representatives are from Hermiston, Pendleton, Stanfield, Umatilla, Umatilla Fire District 1, and another representative from one of the smaller fire districts.

Mayor Drotzmann asked Chief Edmiston how he feels the Dispatch Service is serving Hermiston.

Chief Edmiston stated he believes everything is going well, there is better communication, but he is most interested in the operations side of it all. Overall, he is pleased with the dispatch service.

Councilor Smith stated he has heard complaints that it is a frustrating system trying to reach a police officer and frustration because the police department is not open after 5:00 pm to help with concerns.

Chief Edmiston stated he believes the phone system is as user friendly as it can get, and the Police Department is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F, but dispatch can be reached 24 hours a day. There is also a phone located to the right of the outside door that dials directly to dispatch services.

After some discussion Councilor Davis moved and Councilor Kirwan seconded to approve the agreement for dispatch services with Umatilla County. Motion carried unanimously.

Mayor Drotzmann thanked the County for their partnership.

Committee Report

Hispanic Advisory Committee Meeting: Councilor Gutierrez stated the Committee meets next week.

Parks and Recreation Committee: Councilor Myers stated the Committee met last week and reviewed the status of the parks that are currently under remodel, as well as the four committee vacancies, which the committee plans to rotate back to their original terms. There has also been discussion of a disk golf field. Councilor Myers stated all adult and children programs are completely filled, and the Parks and Recreation Department just launched a new app for apple and android products so people can be very interactive with this app.

Mayor Drotzmann asked Parks and Recreation Director Larry Fetter when all parks will be completed.

Mr. Fetter stated Newport Park will be completed this fall, Sunset and Greenwood Park will be completed in the spring. A kiosk was also added at McKenzie Park as an Eagle Scout Project.

Transportation Planning Committee: Councilor Hardin stated the Committee will meet tomorrow.

Faith-Based Advisory Committee: Councilor Hardin stated the Committee is moving forward with Hermiston Family Promise and will be meeting with City Manager Smith to finalize a partnership with Made to Thrive. First responders and veterans were also honored on September 10th at McKenzie Park for Patriots Day.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Drotzmann reminded the Council the LOC Conference is at the end of the month. Everyone attending should have received all their information from Executive Assistant Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

City Manager Smith stated this year, the NLC Conference will be held November 16th-19th in Pittsburgh.

Mayor Drotzmann stated Reese Beal from Rocky Heights wrote a letter asking the mayor to form a Kid agency to help police officers look for smaller clues that officers may not find as they are too tall. Mayor Drotzmann stated he is looking forward to writing back regarding this request.

Mayor Drotzmann thanked Water Superintendent Roy Bicknell for taking pictures of the Council, as the City will be using these pictures in the updated website and other items.

Councilor Report

Councilor Gutierrez congratulated Mr. Herrera for representing the Hispanic community with his hard work in accomplishing what he did in that timeline; and thanked Parks and Recreation Larry Fetter for hiring a disabled man to work in his department.

Mr. Fetter, Councilor Gutierrez, and Mayor Drotzmann stated he is a very hard working individual and is doing an extremely good job.

Manager’s Report

City Manager Smith stated EOTEC held a Special Meeting today, where they awarded the Rodeo Construction to Hendon Construction for $3.991 million. The Construction Subcommittee will continue to work with Hendon to stretch every dollar. Construction is expected to start by in October.

Mayor Drotzmann stated he received news that the Farm Fair will be moving to EOTEC.

Councilor Davis asked if there will be paid parking for the fair.

City Manager Smith stated the Fair will establish this.

City Managers Report

City Manager Smith stated the City is moving forward with its Branding efforts. T- shirts and tanks are being sold at City Hall for $10.00, the water tower will be painted by October 15th, new business cards and letter heads are on order, and work is being done to redesign the website, and replace park signs.


There was no other business, and Mayor Drotzmann adjourned the regular meeting at 7:42 pm.

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