Lock, Take & Hide

Goal - The goal of the program is to prevent crime by reducing the criminal's opportunity.

The message from business leaders to citizens is clear: we care enough about our residents and patrols to remind them to:

LOCK their cars,

TAKE their keys,

HIDE their belongings

By following a few crime prevention tips, citizens can reduce the number of thefts from motor vehicles occurring in the community.

  • Be aware of your surrondings
  • Park in well lighted areas
  • Remove visible items from inside your cars such as:

Cash, laptops, handbags, wallets, credit cards, cell phones, MP3's, brief cases, palm pilots, golf clubs, tools, CD's, cassetts, duffle bags, back packs, dry cleaning, radar detectors, shipping bags and boxes.

City parking lots and Good Shepherd Hospital already have been posted with these new signs. Businesses and Apartment complexes can purchase the signs for $25.00 each.

Contact Crime Prevention Officer Erica Sandoval at 667-5112.