1,049 Participate in Community Brand Survey

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The City of Hermiston and Chamber of Commerce community survey to provide people who live and work in and around Hermiston the opportunity to answer questions about Hermiston’s strengths and the proposed “You Can GROW Here” community brand closed Sept. 19.

More than 1,000 people shared their thoughts by completing the survey at HermistonBrand.com or by filling out a hard copy of the survey. Survey highlights include:

Hermiston’s Strengths

  • More than 50% identified its people as Hermiston’s top strength.

(53% community/52% business respondents)

  • Hermiston’s geographic location (within hours of major cities) was identified as its second strength. (48% community/42% business respondents)
  • Diverse transportation options (road, rail, river) were identified as Hermiston’s third strength.
    (19% community/30% business respondents)

When asked what potential new businesses, visitors or those considering relocating should know about Hermiston the following were the top responses:

  • Open to growth was the top response.
    (43% community/64% business)
  • Ideal location (proximity to major cities) was the second ranking response.
    (30% community/32% business)
  • Community members selected people are welcoming as the third quality (29%).
  • Business respondents selected loyal community as third (24%), with people are welcoming ranking fourth (22%).


 “You Can GROW Here” Community Brand

  • The vast majority (92%) of all respondents believe the watermelon should be included in the logo in some form.
  • Of 1,049 respondents, 70% have a concern with the You Can GROW Here tagline.

The survey results were reviewed by the Hermiston City Council at their November 23rd City Council meeting. The council authorized city staff to move forward with the recommended plan to update the community brand.


The City of Hermiston will work closely with Greater Hermiston Chamber of Commerce in these community brand development efforts. The broad goals of the community brand are: give Hermiston an identity; promote Hermiston’s livability; remain the largest city in Eastern Oregon; attract more businesses and families to the area; and make Hermiston a desirable destination/increase tourism.