City Publishes LOC Open Data

Release Date: 

Hermiston residents with a healthy appetite for data about how their city is operated and compares to others can now dig through piles and piles of open source data compiled by the League of Oregon Cities through a new user-friendly online tool through the City of Hermiston’s website at

The LOC Open Data Portal gives residents the ability to search through maps, data sets, charts, and more which the entity has compiled over the years.  Although the data is limited to only the information that LOC has collected, and some of it may be a little out of date, it still offers an excellent way for residents to look closely at how Hermiston compares.  In just a few clicks, you can learn things such as:

  • How does Hermiston’s permanent tax rate compare?                      36th
  • Who has the highest permanent tax rate?                                         Heppner
  • How much does Hermiston lose to Compression?                           $170,000
  • How much does Pendleton lose to Compression?                            $65,000
  • How many police per 1,000 people does Hermiston have?              1.45
  • How many police per 1,000 people does Pendleton have?              1.25

City of Hermiston staff is happy to answer any questions residents may have about information pertaining to Hermiston, however since the data is compiled by the LOC, those interested in data about other cities will have to contact those cities.