City seeks Hermiston’s Future Branding Committee Applicants

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The City of Hermiston is seeking applicants to join its temporary “Hermiston’s Future Branding Committee.”  The Hermiston’s Future Branding Committee is a partnership with the City of Hermiston, Greater Hermiston Area Chamber of Commerce, and Focal Point Marketing.  The group will only meet for approximately 2 months, and is intended to assist in brainstorming ideas for a new brand and then assisting in a public engagement process which will result in a community brand for Hermiston.

On November 23rd, the City Council unanimously approved following Focal Point Marketing’s recommendations to develop and implement a new brand concept. One of their recommendations was to reconvene the original group and use their creativity and passion for Hermiston to assist in this second effort. They also recommended that the City invite 10 more community members to join the group and help as the City moves forward on this branding effort. Applications are available at Hermiston City Hall and HERE,  and are due no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, December 18, 2015.