Fixed Route Bus Survey Available

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Hermiston officials are hoping to have their first fixed-route intra-city bus system shuttling residents through the community by early 2017, and are seeking feedback from residents about what they would like to see out of the service.  Take the survey HERE.

The new system would be operated by KAYAK Transit, and would help to enhance the existing inter-city KAYAK route which runs between Pendleton and Hermiston.  The new service would operate a dedicated bus within Hermiston, make approximately four circuits per day through the city, and be fully open to the general public.

“This is a great opportunity to enhance transit options throughout all of western Umatilla County by partnering with KAYAK Transit,” said Mark Morgan, Assistant City Manager.  “This partnership will allow us to greatly leverage local tax payer dollars against State and Federal Grant funds which we have not accessed before.  Therefore, we have no intention of reducing the current level of service provided through our existing subsidized taxi ticket program, but instead will take this opportunity to expand the overall level of service for the entire community.”

Hermiston’s public transit options have so far only consisted of providing a subsidy for taxi rides for Seniors and disabled residents.  The total cost of providing that program over the past 10 years has ranged between $180,000 and $220,000 per year, with local taxpayers providing a subsidy of between $100,000 and $145,000 per year depending on ridership.  It is anticipated that by accessing additional State and Federal Grants, the City of Hermiston’s subsidy to continue the Taxi Ticket Program, and now expand KAYAK’s service in the City, will be approximately $150,000 per year.