Hermiston Police News: Hermiston PD Receives Grants

Release Date: 
  • The Hermiston Police Department recently agreed to terms involving a grant of $26,985 from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The granted monies are to be used for safety purposes along the Highway 395 corridor during the upcoming construction slated to take place.
  • The Hermiston Police Department was recently awarded $1,800 from the Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation. The granted monies will be used to purchase (3) additional AED’s to be placed in patrol vehicles.

“Being on the receiving end of a traffic citation is not fun and we recognize that. The majority of complaints our department receives are traffic related and primarily focused around the Highway 395 corridor.”

“The monies from ODOT will be used for officers working in an overtime capacity enforcing the rules of the road. We would encourage our citizenry to slow down and avoid distractions during the construction.”

“The Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation has provided incredible opportunities to numerous organizations and entities in the Hermiston area. We are very fortunate to be able to purchase additional AED units to assist the work being done by our patrol officers.”

-Stated Chief Jason Edmiston