Take the 'Livable Hermiston' Survey

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The City of Hermiston wants to know what kinds of community assets its residents would like to see added, enhanced, or improved to make Hermiston an even better place to live.  Residents are encouraged to take a short 2-minute survey at HERE to get their thoughts included in the community’s long-range planning process to increase livability.  A Spanish-Language version of the survey is also available HERE.

Community leaders regularly hear requests from various interest groups making the case for a broad range of things from an indoor aquatic center or additional sports fields, to cultural facilities like museums and arts centers, and everything in between.  The common thread among all of these requests is that they all would be great assets which help improve the quality of life and livability of the community, but they also require an immense amount of resources and community support.  That’s why the City of Hermiston is engaging residents to find out exactly what existing assets could be enhanced, and what missing assets truly have enough broad-based community support to be able to become viable projects for the community to strive for over the next five to ten years.

The initial survey will be available until November 12th, and residents are highly encouraged to share the survey with all of their friends, family, and neighbors.  Once the survey is completed, the Livable Hermiston Committee, made up of 25 community members, will review the results, and develop a followup survey to gauge residents’ thoughts about specific issues that came out of the initial survey.  Once the follow-up survey is complete, the committee will develop a report to the Hermiston City Council with recommendations for future action.  Residents can learn more about this process at the City of Hermiston’s website at http://www.hermiston.or.us/livable-hermiston