East Theater Lane project ahead of schedule

Theater Lane

East Theater Lane between 8th and 10th streets will get paved sooner than expected and at a lower cost to taxpayers.

The City Council on Monday, Sept. 9, authorized City Manager Byron Smith to issue a change order for Anderson Perry, the contractor managing the nearby water tower and water main project, to add Theater Lane paving to its current project scope.

East Theater Lane was originally to be paved as a separate project in Spring of 2020 following the installation of a water main underneath the section of road. But design work for the road is complete and state fuel tax dollars are available earlier than anticipated, so rather than installing a temporary gravel road to be replaced next spring, Premier Excavation will begin work immediately after the water lines are installed.

This change will save an estimated $100,000 from the $625,000 project and work could be complete as early as this fall, rather than beginning in the spring.

“This is another example of the city council’s proactive approach to infrastructure through the Capital Improvements Plan,” said Hermiston Mayor Dave Drotzmann. “It’s allowing the city to stretch taxpayers’ dollars as we get big projects done.”

The new million-gallon water tower and related water lines are funded by payment in lieu of taxes from the Lamb Weston expansion, with money coming from both the City of Hermiston and Umatilla County. The entire project will open nearly 300 acres for development in northeastern Hermiston.

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