Hermiston Energy Services (HES) to Begin Maintenance Projects

HES LogoBeginning May 13, HES will replace sections of underground and overhead primary cable that have been in service for several decades. These proactive steps will be taken in lieu of waiting for this cable to fail unexpectedly. The project will increase reliability and reduce long term costs of service to our customers.

Where are the HES Projects Located?

Underground Line Replacement: 

  • Project A: Areas near West Stockton and Fulton Avenue.
  • Project B: East Newport Avenue to Highland Hills Elementary School.

Overhead to Underground Line Conversion:

  • Project C: Areas near East Pine Avenue and Southeast 8th Street.

Underground and Overhead Line Replacement:

  • Project D: First Street to Cornerstone Plaza; Including areas behind Hermiston Plaza and sections of Fourth Street.

What type of work does these projects entail?

HES will replace primary cable only. In general, this is the cable located along streets and sidewalks, and between transformers. We will not replace underground service cable that runs from the transformer to the home. 

In Project C, HES will remove primary overhead lines in a resident’s backyard and relocate the lines to an underground service in the street. This will require new pad mount transformers in some customer’s front yards. HES will then run new underground service to the existing pole.  

The process will use a directional boring technique instead of a trench approach to minimize digging in a most areas. In most cases, this involves setting up the boring machine and boring a path to replace the underground primary conductor to each transformer location. A small pit will be dug at each transformer location, and small “potholes” will be dug periodically along the route to visually verify the location of other utilities to prevent damage.

Several vehicles may be involved in the process, which may mean reduced traffic speeds in the area.

How long will these projects last and when should I expect the work to begin in my neighborhood? 

Work is scheduled to begin May 13 and conclude August 1, 2019. As the project progresses, our contractors will notify affected neighborhoods with either phone calls or printed “door hangers.” Contractors will make a courtesy knock on your door if they need to enter your yard.

Will customers experience power outages related to the project?

Most of the work will be conducted without the need to shut off power. In some instances, an outage of one hour or more may be necessary to safely transfer power to the new lines. Affected customers will be notified in advanced of a planned outage.

Will the landscaping be damaged on my property? 

It may be necessary at times to remove shrubs, bushes, and trees from around some transformers or other equipment to create a safe working environment and to allow for access. Any damage to landscaping should be minimal. HES will repair or replace landscaping, as needed, after work has been performed at each location. Weather is always a factor in this process.

Who can I contact about these projects?

During business hours, please contact Wendy Neal at 541-289-1522, wendy.nealatumatillaelectric.com. After hours, please contact our Call Center at 888 465-5701.

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