Hermiston Seeking Items for 50-Year Time Capsule

Time Capsule Photo

Hermiston Seeking Items for 50-Year Time Capsule

Items accepted at the Hermiston Public Library through September 5th



Hermiston, Ore. –   The City of Hermiston is seeking items from the public to include in a time capsule scheduled to be opened on September 8, 2068.  The time capsule will be sealed and buried as part of the dedication of the new Harkenrider Center on September 8, 2018.


Donated items can be dropped off at the Hermiston Public Library, and items selected for inclusion will be placed on display in a locked case until they are sealed in the capsule.  The deadline to submit items is September 5.


The time capsule is 14”x14”x24” and will hold a large amount of documents, photographs, and some 3-dimensional items like toys, tools, etc.  However, library staff will actively curate the donations to eliminate duplicates, items which may harm other artifacts, and generally ensure the best possible collection of items for future Hermistonians to un-earth.  Items which do not get included will be returned to the donor, but items which do get included in the capsule will become the property of the City of Hermiston.


It is important to keep in mind that food, plants, living things, and items which can damage other items will not be accepted.  Also consider that digital or electronic items may be un-useable 50 years from now.  For example, if a floppy disk were included in a capsule 20 years ago, the likelihood of the future residents being able to read its content is very low.

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