Notice of Primary Election of City Officials

Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 an election will be held in the City of Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon for your choice of candidates for the office of Mayor and Municipal Judge.  The election will be conducted by mail.  Your choice of candidates will be presented upon the official ballot and shall be voted upon by all qualified voters of the City.


Filing for Position

City elections shall be held at the same times and places as general state elections in accordance with applicable state election laws.  The election offices and precincts for such elections shall be the same as for regular state elections.  Elections shall be nonpartisan.  The filing deadline for positions of Mayor and Municipal Judge is 5:00 pm March 10, 2020.


Filing Instructions

Filing forms and more information are available at City Hall, on the City’s website or online at the Secretary of State’s website which are listed below.

Forms are to be filed with:

Lilly Alarcon-Strong, CMC
Elections Officer/City Recorder
City Hall
180 NE 2nd Street
Hermiston, OR 97838


Qualifications for Mayor and Municipal Judge

No person shall be eligible to the office of Mayor or Municipal Judge unless at the time of their election they are a qualified voter of the state, have resided in the City for one year immediately before election or appointment to office, not be a candidate for more than one city office at a single election, and may not be employed by the City.


Positions and Terms

  • Mayor, Four-year term
  • Municipal Judge, Two-year term


If at the May primary election, two (2) or less candidates file nomination petitions or declarations of candidacy for the position of Mayor or Municipal Judge, then the May election shall be considered the general election.

If three (3) or more candidates file, then the May election shall be considered the primary election and the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be the nominees whose names shall appear on the ballot for the November general election.  Should any candidate receive a majority of all votes cast for the office at the May 19, 2020 election, then the name of that candidate shall be printed separately on the ballot at the general election under the designation equivalent to “Vote for One” and no other name shall be printed on the ballot in opposition to such candidate.  One space, however, shall be left following such name in which the voter may insert the name of any person for whom the voter wishes to cast a ballot.

Release Date