Public Hearing- proposed annexation of approximately 0.5 acre tract located at 315 E Theater Lane

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Hermiston Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on October 14, 2020, at or after 7:00 PM at the Community Center, Hermiston, Oregon, on the proposed annexation to the City of Hermiston, withdrawal from the Umatilla County Library District, and establishing zoning designation of the following described property: approximately 0.5 acre tract located at 315 E Theater Lane. The property, owned by Humberto & Melva Medelez, is described as 4N 28 02BC, Tax Lot 1900 and has a comprehensive plan map designation of Medium Density Residential (M).


The West 147.00 feet of the South 168.00 feet of the West Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 2, Township 4 North, Range 28.  East o the Willamette Meridian, Umatilla County Oregon.


The above-described land shall be designated as Multiple Family Residential (R-3) on the City zoning map.


The public may appear and be heard on the above stated questions.


DATED this 23rd day of September 2020.

Lilly Alarcon-Strong

City Recorder

Publish in the Hermiston Herald: September 23 and 30, 2020

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