REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: City of Hermiston Wayfinding Sign Project


The City of Hermiston is seeking proposals from qualified firms to develop a plan for wayfinding signs throughout the City.  The project is part of the city’s urban renewal plan adopted in 2013.  The city intends to partner with the Hermiston Chamber of Commerce to develop this plan.

Wayfinding Signage Plan

The plan will identify specific points of public interest such as public parking, civic facilities, public schools, parks and shopping areas.  Specific points for installation of signage will also be a component of the plan.  Finally, the plan will develop a standard design for signs.

A successful proposal will include the following elements:

  • Analysis of local conditions, assets, destinations, and circulation patterns
  • Identification of stakeholders and potential partners
  • A study of existing branding within the city
  • Public meetings, stakeholder meetings, and presentation of plan to urban renewal board
  • Design of signage including incorporation of city branding onto all signage
  • Development of cost estimates for sign construction and installation
  • List of proposed sign installation locations and specific elements to be included on signage

Hermiston is a city which has seen interest in the downtown wane as new commercial development occurred at the city fringes, drawing trips away from the historic core.  The urban renewal district was formed to assist in investments in the historic core to help bring business back to the downtown.  To achieve these goals, the district has funded the development of a new festival street which has been successful in spurring more trips to the downtown.  The district also provides grants to businesses to improve facades.  This wayfinding signage plan is the third element of the urban renewal plan to be implemented.


This project is funded in the 2019-20 fiscal year budget for the urban renewal district.  All planning work should be performed and completed between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Selection Criteria

Firms submitting statements shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Capability and experience to perform all or most aspects of the project.
  2. Knowledge of local conditions.
  3. Key personnel’s professional background and qualifications, including the project manager and/or team for this project. Define their roles and extent of participation anticipated for this project. Provide a list of all projects worked on by the proposed project manager in the last three years, including an identification of this person’s role/responsibility for each project.
  4. Qualifications and experience of subconsultants who will participate in the project. Please identify the portions of the project anticipated to be performed (in part) by subconsultants.
  5. Quality of projects previously undertaken.
  6. Ability to manage and complete projects that may be considerable distance from your offices. Please include a description of where your key personnel for this project will be based, as well as the amount of travel anticipated, and other items you consider important to demonstrate this ability.


Please submit summaries, or examples, of similar work which your firm has completed for other municipalities.  Deadline for submission is 5 p.m. on Friday, June 21, 2019.

Submit to:

Clint Spencer, City Planner

(541) 567-5521

City is not required to select from proposals if no proposals are satisfactory.

Release Date