REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Food Pod Management Services

The City of Hermiston invites proposals from interested parties to provide management services for a food pod pilot program on public property owned by the city.  A food pod is a collection of mobile food units at a central location with parking, sanitary facilities, and tables offered.  The food pod concept offers customers a variety of menu options by having multiple types of vendors available at a convenient, central location.

The city’s intent is to utilize a three-step process to select a manager.  Step one will utilize the initial proposals to generate a list of interested parties who will submit broad proposals.  Step two will ask a subset of the initial submitters to refine and assign budget figures to each proposal.  Step three will negotiate a management contract with the selected party to operate a food pod on behalf of the city for a specified duration.  The city anticipates no out of pocket expenses other than sweeping and contract management.  Compensation is the exclusive ability to operate the pod.

Summary of Food Pod Pilot Program

The city owns two municipal parking lots at the intersection of SW 3rd Street and W Orchard Avenue.  In an effort to increase dining options for residents, the city proposes to make these lots available for placement of a food pod and customer parking.  The food pod is planned to operate for six to nine months during the spring, summer, and fall of 2019, with a possible extension to the 2020 season.  If the pilot program is successful, the food pod will become a regular feature in the city.

A private contractor is desired to manage the site on behalf of the city.  The manager will act as a recruiter and on-site manager for the food pod.  The manager will collect rental fees, schedule cleaning, schedule trash collection, schedule restroom cleaning, and act as a liaison with the city.  In return, the city will make the facilities available at no to minimum cost for a period of one to two years and provide weekly sweeping of the lot.  The manager may retain all revenue produced unless directed otherwise by the city council as part of the contract negotiation process.

Proposal Requirements

A successful proposal for management will include the following elements:

  • Commitment to recruit at least five mobile food vendors and to schedule new vendors when vacancies occur.  The city requires no more than two vendors of any one variety of food.  Five vendors are required at all times to maintain operations.
  • Provision of sanitary facilities (porta-potties and hand washing stations), tables, seating, shade, and trash facilities. 
  • Scheduling a weekly time for all vendors to vacate the property for at least 12 hours to allow city street sweeper to sweep the property.
  • Collection of rental fees from all vendors and payment of any required franchise fee for use of the facilities to the city.
  • Scheduling daily cleaning of grounds to insure no trash is outside of dumpsters or potentially leaving the premises.
  • Coordination with city staff
  • Any requests of the city to provide resources
  • A list of relevant management and/or food service experience
  • The name of the party preparing the proposal, including name, address, telephone number, name of contact person, email address and date.
  • Shall allow inspection of all accounting and sub-agreements.

Submission of Proposals

All proposals shall be submitted to:

Mailing Address:
Clint Spencer, City Planner
City of Hermiston
180 NE 2nd
Hermiston, OR 97838

For questions or additional information contact Clint Spencer, 541-567-5521 or email:

The deadline for submission of proposals is 5 pm, December 3, 2018.

City is not required to select from proposals if no proposals are satisfactory.

Release Date