Water main expansion puts northwest Hermiston in the loop

Geer Road water line installation

The water lines on Geer Road are being thrown for a loop this month, and the result will be more capacity and better service.

Contractors began work this week to install a new water main on Geer between Theater Lane and Harper Road. This will loop the city’s water system in northwest Hermiston, improving the network of lines that deliver water to homes and businesses.

Motorists can expect minor delays as work on this and an unrelated Umatilla Electric project continue this month.

The water system in this part of town has previously been a dead-end branch from the Highway 395 water main. With the addition of the Geer Road water main, water will be able to take multiple paths to businesses and residents. Benefits of this more flexible system include:

  • Greater capacity and less pressure loss
  • Reduced loss of service to customers in the event of line breaks, repairs, and maintenance
  • Better fire protection because of increased capacity
  • Improved water quality
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