Airport Advisory Committee

The Airport Advisory Committee communicates rules governing the commercial and noncommercial aeronautical activities, standards and rules of the Hermiston Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration and the City of Hermiston, and advise the City Council of the programs, operations, maintenance, and development of the Airport. Gorge Aviation has also been hired to manage and market the facility.



This committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Airport.  Representatives from Gorge Aviation and city staff are also included. Meeting minutes and agendas are available online

Committee Members

3-year terms running from November 1st to October 31st for period specified.

Position Member Name Term Expires
Position #1 Dan Burns October 31, 2020
Position #2 Ronald Osgood October 31, 2020
Position #3 Mike O. Martin October 31, 2021
Position #4 Linda Stark October 31, 2021
Position #5 Ron Linn October 31, 2022

City Representatives 

  • Rolf Anderson, Airport Manager
  • Mark Morgan, Assistant City Manager

Interested in Getting Involved? 

Information and Applications can be downloaded online or obtained at City Hall.