Budget Committee

Members of the Budget Committee review the proposed annual budgets for the City and Urban Renewal Agency, discuss the documents in public sessions, and consider public testimony before making a recommendation to the City Council. The Hermiston city budget is the financial plan that includes revenue and expenditure estimates for one fiscal year, which runs from July-June. By statute, the budget must be approved by the City Council by June 30.

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Once or twice a year, usually in May. Representatives from the City Council and city staff are also included.

Committee Members

3-year terms running from January 1st to December 31st for period specified. Appointed members must reside inside the city limits and be qualified voters of the city.

Position Member Name Term Expires
Position #1 Anton Wanous December 31, 2022
Position #2 Jason McAndrew December 31, 2022
Position #3 Joshua Roberts December 31, 2022
Position #4 Joanna Hayden December 31, 2020
Position #5 Jackie Linton December 31, 2020
Position #6 Jonathan Edwards December 31, 2020
Position #7 Brian Misner December 31, 2021
Position #8 Jessica Narain December 31, 2021
Position #9 John Douglass December 31, 2021


City Representatives

  • Byron Smith, Budget Officer
  • Mark Krawczyk, CTP, Finance Director
  • Lilly Alarcon-Strong, CMC, City Recorder