Council Committee Appointments

Representatives to Community Enhancement Committee:

  1. Mayor Drotzmann
  2. Jackie Myers

Committee to Review Committee Vacancy Applications: 

  1. Mayor Drotzmann,
  2. Jackie Myers
  3. Douglas Smith

Representative to Faith-Based Advisory Committee:

  1. Rod Hardin

Representatives to Hispanic Advisory Committee: 

  1. Manuel Gutierrez
  2. Roy Barron

Representatives to Public Safety Committee: 

  1. Rod Hardin,
  2. Jackie Myers
  3. Doug Primmer

Representatives to Community Accountability Board:

  1. Manuel Gutierrez
  2. Doug Primmer

Representatives to Parks & Recreation Committee:

  1. Jackie Myers
  2. Lori Davis

Representative to Port of Umatilla Commission: 

  1. City Manager Byron Smith

Representative to Recreation Projects Fund Advisory Committee: 

  1. Roy Barron

Representatives to Public Infrastructure Committee : 

  1. Dave Drotzmann
  2. Douglas Smith 

Representative to Library Board:

  1. Lori Davis

Representative to the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event (EOTEC) Advisory Committee:

  1. Dave Drotzmann