Recreation Projects Fund Advisory Committee

The Recreation Projects Fund Advisory Committee solicits and reviews applications for recreation, recreation-related programs and activities, and park improvements projects in the City, and then makes recommendations to the City Council on the financial allocation of the established transient lodging funds that support and promote these projects and activities.

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Parks Funds


Occur once or twice a year, usually in the spring, in the Community Center.

Committee Members

Committee members include a representative from the Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Recreation Committee, a motel operator, city councilor, and a citizen not affiliated with any organizations funded through the committee.

Position Member Name Term Expires

Position #1 (Citizen at Large- not affiliated with organizations potentially funded through this Committee)

Lydia Raath December 31, 2022
Position #2 (Chamber of Commerce) Kim Rill December 31, 2022
Position #3 (Parks and Recreation Committee) Lisa Depew December 31, 2020
Position #4 (Motel Operator) James Whalley December 31, 2020
Position #5 (City Councilor) Roy Barron December 31, 2021


City Representatives

  • Larry Fetter, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Gina Wicks, Administrative Assistant