Recreation Projects Fund Advisory Committee


The Recreation Fund Advisory Committee meets annually.


Committee Members

3-year terms running from January 1st to December 31st for period specified.

Position Member Name Term Expires

Position #1 (Citizen at Large- not affiliated with organizations potentially funded through this Committee)

Lydia Raath December 31, 2022
Position #2 (Chamber of Commerce) Kim Nevil December 31, 2022
Position #3 (Parks and Recreation Committee) Lisa Depew December 31, 2020
Position #4 (Motel Operator) James Whalley December 31, 2020
Position #5 (City Councilor) Roy Barron December 31, 2021


City Representatives

  • Larry Fetter, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Gina Wicks, Administrative Assistant


Interested in Getting Involved? 

Information and Applications can be downloaded online or obtained at City Hall.