Permit Application Information


The City of Hermiston Building Department is now a full service participant in the epermitting system made available through the State of Oregon. Contractors are now able to apply for and purchase mechanical, plumbing, and electrical permits online, and schedule inspections 24/7 by phone or online:

City of Hermiston joins a growing list of local jurisdictions offering ePermitting services statewide to provide:

  • Online access to apply, pay for and receive mechanical, plumbing & electrical permits 24/7
  • Automated inspection scheduling by phone or computer
  • Comprehensive permit tracking and data collection
  • Mobile app for inspectors and contractors

Electrical Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

An electrical permit is required when work is being done that impacts the electrical system in a structure. Examples include:

  • extending a circuit
  • wiring a new air conditioner
  • adding an alarm system
  • remodeling or adding kitchens or bathrooms
  • installing a permanent hot tub, spa or sauna



Mechanical Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

A mechanical permit is required when the work being done alters the mechanical system in a structure. Example of work requiring a mechanical permit includes adding or replacing the following:

  • air conditioner
  • furnace
  • heat pump
  • gas line
  • log lighter
  • gas log
  • fireplace
  • wood stove
  • exhaust fan
  • range hood


Plumbing Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

A plumbing permit is required when adding or altering plumbing fixtures or systems, including storm and sewer lines. Examples of work requiring a plumbing permit include:

  • adding or altering a bathroom or kitchen
  • adding a permanent hot tub, spa or pool
  • adding or extending an irrigation system
  • adding any groundwater or rain and roof drains
  • adding or increasing your water service line


Fire Protection Permit

A fire protection permit is required for the installation or modification of a sprinkler system or a fire alarm system.


Building Permits


Sign Permit Application

A sign permit application is required for all wall signs, pole signs, monuments, etc.


Fee Schedule - Download Schedule (PDF)

The final determination of valuation, occupancy, and/or construction type under any of the provisions of this order shall be made by the Building Official.