New Law - Remodeling Requires Permits

Remodeling? You'll need permits now to sell your home later

If you’re thinking of adding a room, remodeling the bath, or updating the wiring in your bedroom, find out whether a building permit is required. Not only does the permitting process ensure that the installation is safe for present and future occupants, the Building Codes Division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services is reminding Oregonians that a new law makes it difficult to sell a house for which proper permits were not secured.

As of July 1, Senate Bill 515, passed in 2003, requires home sellers to disclose to prospective buyers any remodeling done to the house and whether permits were obtained for the work. So, if you’re thinking about adding a room or updating wiring, please contact the Hermiston Building Department at 541-667-5025.

It’s easier and less expensive — and much less a headache — to secure permits at the beginning of the project. A home is usually a family’s biggest financial asset and it’s worth the investment to ensure that the work is performed to structural and safety standards.

Now that so many people are finding that they need permits to sell their homes, we now have a “Get Legal” program designed to provide permits and inspections for work done without a permit. Please contact the City of Hermiston, Building Department at 541-667-5025 for more information on what you need to do to be “legal”.

To find out more about permits and when and whether they are necessary, those with remodeling ideas should consult the City of Hermiston, Building Department. For more information and ideas go to, a Web site that provides information on types of permits, where to find a licensed contractor and links to contractor license checks.