Access Capital

There are several local entities that have programs geared toward loaning money to businesses with the sole purpose of promoting economic development.  Below are links to those programs.

Umatilla Electric Co-op Revolving Loan Fund (external link)

In general, eligible projects for loans can include any business venture, governmental public body, or entities involved in a community or economic development project that promotes job creation and/or provides needed community services that benefit rural areas, including loans to for-profit businesses and loans to not-for-profit entities.  Uses of UEC's Revolving Loan Fund proceeds may be for land, fixed assets, machinery and equipment, or working capital needs.  Working capital loans will only be considered in conjunction with the purchase of other assets as previously specified.

Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation (external link)

Greater Eastern Development Corporation assists borrowers by helping to assemble loan packages, reviewing credit information, performing loan analysis, submitting applications, and locating competitive lenders interested in making you an SBA