Doing Business in Hermiston

Hermiston is a vibrant and growing cityof nearly 18,000 residents located at the cross-roads of the Pacific Northwest. Located near the intersection of Interstate 84 and Interstate 82, just minutes from a Columbia River port and the Washington state line, Hermiston is capitalizing on its strategic location as a transportation center and gateway to Oregon’s favorable sales-tax climate.

The Right Infrastructure, Right Where you Need it

Hermiston’s position at the center of all of the major Northwest markets is supplemented by its outstanding transportation infrastructure. Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Boise are all within 3-4 hours of Hermiston thanks to the city’s location at the intersection of Interstates 84 & 82. These major east-west and north-south freeways also allow for access to markets in Montana, Utah, California, and British Columbia. Hermiston is also home to the Union Pacific Railroad switching facility and is just 8 miles from a refrigerator cargo dock for transportation on the Columbia River transportation system. A redundant fiber optic communications system with connectivity to both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington telecommunications hubs allows Hermiston businesses to harness the full power of web-based applications with confidence.

Continued Growth

The Hermiston area has enjoyed strong population growth over the last several decades, and that growth is projected to continue through at least the year 2035 according to the State of Oregon's Official Population Forecasts from Portland State University (PDF). Not only does PSU project that the City of Hermiston will grow by 33% from 2016 to 2035, but it is projected that 80% of all growth in Umatilla County over that time will take place in the Greater Hermiston Area (Hermiston & Umatilla).


2016-2035 Growth Forecast


Raw Population Growth

Percent of County Growth

Umatilla County



Hermiston UGB



Umatilla UGB



Milton-Freewater UGB



Pendleton UGB



Smaller UGBs



Outside UGBs




Portland State University Population Research Center-
Umatilla County Coordinated Population Forecast 2016