Population Growth Projections

Hermiston UGB Population Forecast to Grow 25% by 2035

Portland State University, the official population forecasting entity for the State of Oregon, projects that the population within Hermiston's Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) will grow by 25% between 2016 & 2035 according to its official 2016 Umatilla County Coordinated Population Forecast (PDF). These numbers also reflect the fact that Hermiston has a much higher population within its UGB than Pendleton, despite the two communities having roughly the same population within their City Limits. PSU forecasts that Hermiston's UGB population will experience a much stronger growth rate than Pendleton over the next 19 years.

  Historical PSU Forecast
  2000 2010



2016 2035



Hermiston (UGB) 15,635 19,234 2.1% 21,488 28,667 1.5%
Pendleton (UGB) 17,161 17,015 -0.1% 17,325 18,359 0.3%
Source: Portland State University Population Research Center, 2016 (PDF)

80% of Umatilla County's Growth Forecast within Hermiston Core Market Area

Hermiston and Umatilla are the two largest UGBs within the Hermiston Core Market Area, and easily have the highest projected annual population growth rates compared to the other UGBs in Umatilla County. PSU therefore points out that, "both Hermiston and Umatilla UGBs are expected to grow as a share of total county population, while Milton-Freewater and Pendleton are forecast to decrease as a share of total county population."

  2016-2035 Growth Forecast
  Raw Population Growth Percent of County Growth
Umatilla County 13,327 100.0%
Hermiston UGB 7,179 53.9%
Umatilla UGB 3,570 26.8%
Milton-Freewater UGB 1,085 8.1%
Pendleton UGB 1,034 7.8%
Smaller UGBs 236 1.8%
Outside UGBs 222 1.7%
Source: Portland State University Population Research Center, 2016 (PDF)