Public Records Request

Effective January 1st, 2018: All public records requests must be submitted in writing using the City’s form(s).

The City of Hermiston also has many records available and searchable on the City’s website. Records not available by a website search can be requested through the following departments:

Police Department Records Requests:

Please visit for information on the Police Department Public Records Requests.

Municipal Court Records Requests:

Requests for public records should be made in writing, using the Hermiston Municipal Court Public Records Request form (PDF) and submitted to:

Municipal Court (located within the Bob Shannon Safety Center)
330 S. First
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 567-6610


More information can be located at:

All Other City Records Requests:

Requests for public records should be made in writing, using the City of Hermiston Public Records Request form (PDF - fillable online with Chrome, or download to fill out electronically) and submitted to:

City Recorder Lilly Alarcon-Strong, CMC
City Hall
180 NE 2nd Street
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 567-5521

Procedure for Public Records Requests - What to Expect

  1. Complete and return the Records Request form(s).
  2. The City shall acknowledge submission of public record requests within five (5) working days of receipt.
  3. The City shall, after acknowledgement, respond to your public records request within 10 working days with the estimated fees incurred to fulfil the public records request.
    1. Oregon law allows City’s to recoup costs, from requesters, to fulfill records requests.
    2. Fees must be paid prior to the records being processed.
    3. A waiver or reduction of fees can be requested.
    4. See below for Fee Schedule.
  4. Once fees have been paid, the City shall fulfil the public records request within ten (10) working days or notify you that more time is needed to fulfill the public records request and provide you with an estimated date of completion.
    • ***Please note: All time frames mentioned are excluding staff absences.***
  5. Once the records request has been completed, records will be furnished to the requester in the manner they have indicated on the form.

Public Records Request Fee Schedule


Paper Copies (per page, per side) - In addition to other fees


black & white- up to 11x17


color & photos- up to 11x17


18 x 24 black & white


24 x 36 black & white


36 x 40 black & white

Flat Fee

Police & Municipal Court Report, including discovery, except court appointments.
(regardless of page count or electronic format)

Actual Cost

Nonstandard Documents
Colored documents larger than 11x17

Electronic Formats - In addition to other fees

$5.00 DVD, CD, or USB
$35.00 Minimum Charge for copy of Audio & Video Recording, in addition to other fees. (“Lengthy Requests” fee waived for 1st hour of processing.)
Processing Fees - In addition to other fees
Actual Cost Attorney fees
$35.00/hr *”Lengthy requests” (requests over 15 mins to complete), in addition to other fees.
*Fee’s charged at 15 min increments.
*Requests less than 15 mins to process may be waived, excluding serial requests.

**A waiver or reduction of fees can be given if the requested record(s) primarily benefit the general public. If you’d like to apply for a waiver or fee reduction, please explain how the record benefits the general public or why the City should consider a waiver/reduction of fees for other reason(s).