Other Payment Options

Payment Locations

HES offers two locations for paying your bill:

  • Umatilla Electric Cooperative at 750 W. Elm Avenue
  • City Hall at 180 N.E. 2nd Street (Currently unable to accept payments)

Flexible Pay Options

HES offers convenient payment options that must be made at Umatilla Electric Cooperative at 750 W. Elm Avenue or by calling HES at 289-2000

Automatic Credit Card

We can automatically charge your power bill to your VISA or Master Card account each month, approximately 15 days after the bill is calculated. You will still receive a copy of the bill in the mail for your record of the amount charged. You can also pay your bill by using a credit card either in the office or over the phone.

Automatic Bank Withdrawal

Funds can be automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account that you specify.

Average Billing Plan

Average billing plan allows customers to pay the same amount every month -- an average of the past 12 months of usage is used to calculate your monthly payment, which is adjusted periodically because of usage or rate change. This eliminates large fluctuations between winter and summer bills.

Flexible Billing

Flexible billing is designed to give you the option of choosing what time of the month payment is due. By contacting us, we can move your bill due date to a time each month that makes it easiest to pay.