Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center (EOTEC) Advisory Committee

Umatilla County and the City of Hermiston formed a historic partnership to build the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center. It was completed in 2017 and hosted its first event, the 2017 Umatilla County Fair and Farm-City Pro Rodeo. After achieving this great feat, the partners decided operations should be carried out by one entity; and in March 2018, the City of Hermiston took full ownership and operational responsibility for the facility. Umatilla County is still assisting in financially supporting the facility and the County Fair remains one of EOTEC’s anchor tenants along with the Farm-City Pro Rodeo. VenuWorks has also been hired to manage and market the facility.

The EOTEC Committee advises the City Council and administration on the operation, maintenance, and development of the large-scale venue that hosts indoor and outdoor events year-round, and include rodeo and barn facilities. More information regarding EOTEC is available.

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This committee meets as needed at EOTEC and city staff are included. Meeting information, such as meeting calendar and meeting agenda's and minutes are located on the City's website.

Committee Members

Members of the committee must include representatives from the Umatilla County Fair, Farm-City Pro Rodeo, the Hospitality and Tourism Committee, and four at-large citizens. Members of the Hermiston City Council VenuWorks. Appointment terms run 3-years.

Position Member Name Term Expires
Position #1 (Umatilla County Fair Board) Doug Bennett June 30, 2021
Position #2 (Farm-City Pro Rodeo Board) Michael Kay June 30, 2021
Position #3 (Greater Hermiston Hospitality and Tourism Committee) Jessica Narain June 30, 2023
Position #4 (At-Large) VACANT June 30, 2023
Position #5 (At-Large) Kim Puzey June 30, 2022
Position #6 (At-Large) VACANT June 30, 2022
Position #7 (At-Large) Ryan Barnes June 30, 2022

The Committee is composed of the following affiliations: (Position 1) One member appointed upon recommendation of the Umatilla County Fair Board with strong preference given to Fair Board members. (Position 2) One member appointed upon recommendation of the Farm-City Pro Rodeo Board with strong preference given to Rodeo Board members. (Position 3) One member appointed upon recommendations of the Greater Hermiston Hospitality and Tourism Committee. (Positions 4-7) Four members appointed at-large.

City Representatives

  • Dave Drotzmann and John Kirwan, Council Representatives
  • Al Davis, EOTEC General Manager 
  • Holly Lambert, Accounting Technician