Miscellaneous Rates and Fees

2017 IRS Standard Mileage Rate- $0.535 per mile for business travel. (external link)

Fees and Charges for Various Services, Licenses and Permits

The following schedule of fees and charges for various services, licenses and permits was adopted on August 27, 2018 , by Resolution 2108:

Code Section Subject Fees
§33.39 Jurors’ fees
  • Each juror shall be entitled to an attendance fee of $10.00 for each day’s required attendance.
§52.07(A) Utility deposit interest rate
  • The interest rate shall be 5% per annum with the interest to be credited on the first day of January succeeding the deposit and the first day of January thereafter.
§52.08(A)(1)& §52.09(B) Water service disconnect and reconnect fees
  • When water service has been terminated for any cause other than temporary discontinuance, the consumer shall be charged $10.00 to cover the cost of shutting off such water service and in the event the service is reinstated, shall be charged an additional $10.00 to cover the cost of reinstalling the service.
§52.08(A)(2) Water meter inspection fees
  • If a consumer requests inspection and testing of a meter, the sum of $15.00 as a testing fee shall be paid.
§52.28(E) Water shortage emergency - penalties and discontinuance of service related to failure to comply with regulations
  • If water is disconnected for failure to comply with regulations, the consumer shall be charged $10.00 to cover the cost of shutting off such water service. Service shall be restored only upon payment of an additional $10.00 to cover the turn-on cost, plus any other costs incurred by the City and any fines imposed.
§70.07(B)(2) Vehicle impound and storage fees
  • Prior to reclaiming an impounded vehicle, the owner or the owner’s authorized agent must pay a towing bill not to exceed $100.00, an impound fee of $50.00 and storage fees of $10.00 per day commencing on the date of impoundment.
§90.16(B) Dog impound and boarding fees
  • The impoundment fee for a spayed female dog or neutered male dog is $25.00; the impoundment fee for an unaltered dog is $75.00. The boarding fee is $5.00 per day excluding the first day.
§92.12(B) Performance bond amount pertaining to controlling blowing dust
  • A performance bond for controlling dust, not to exceed fifteen cents per square foot of the area to be disturbed, may be required.
§92.12(F) Establish fees for use of City water truck and personnel if utilized for dust abatement at private development projects
  • The charge for the use of a City water truck and operator for the purpose of dust abatement within permitted projects will be $200.00 per hour. A minimum of four hours will be charged if the City is asked to respond to a complaint of blowing dust.
§93.04(N) Park reservation fees
  • A fee of $25.00 shall be charged for each reservation of any park facility or entire park. This fee may be waived by the City Manager or his or her designee if the reservation is in conjunction with a community-wide event.
§94.37(A) Excavation permit fees
  • The excavation permit fee is $25.00 and shall be doubled if the start of construction occurs prior to application of the permit.
§95.04(A) Burglar, robbery or fire alarm system permit fees
  • The permit fee is $60.00 per year or part thereof; residential users over the age of 65 will not be required to pay the $60.00 but will be required to obtain a permit.
§95.07 False alarm service fees
  • The fifth false alarm within the one-year period from July 1 through June 30 shall be subject to a service charge of $20.00 charged to the user of the alarm system. Any additional false alarms within the same one-year period shall be subject to additional fees of $20.00.
§114.03 Solicitors’ license fees
  • Solicitors’ license fees are: $10.00 for three months, $15.00 for six months and $25.00 for the year with a minimum license fee of $10.00. The fee for each additional solicitor in excess of one employed by any firm is $10.00 per year or fraction thereof.
§152.26 Fees for moving buildings
  • A permit fee of $10.00 shall be paid at the time of the application for each permit to move a building.
§155.25 Sign permit fees
  • A fee of $27.50 shall be charged for regulated wall-mounted and building-mounted signs. Free-standing signs are subject to Uniform Building Code requirements with varying fees.
§170.08.030 Telecommunication carriers’ registration fee
  • The registration fee for telecommunication carriers shall be $50.00.
§170.12.060 Construction permit fee
  • Unless otherwise provided in a franchise agreement, prior to issuance of a construction permit for construction within the public right-of-way, the applicant must pay a permit fee equal to $500.00 or 1/4 of one percent (.25%) of the estimated cost of constructing the telecommunications facilities, whichever is greater.
§170.12.070 Permit to utilize Cityright-of-way
  • (Diminished Pavement Life Fee) For any construction requiring pavement cuts or excavation within a public right-of-way, the franchise applicant shall acquire a City of Hermiston permit {§94.37(A)} to utilize City right-of- way and meet all fee and construction standards as specified.
§170.20.030 Application and review fee
  • Unless otherwise provided in a franchise agreement, the applicant must pay a review fee of $350.00.
§170.24.060 Franchise fee A telecommunications grantee must pay a franchise fee to the City, through the duration of its franchise, as follows:
  • A. For all grantees except as provided in paragraphs B and C, a fee of 5 percent of gross revenues paid quarterly. Gross revenue is defined in Section 170.04.050 of the Hermiston Municipal Code.
  • B. The franchise fee for a telecommunication utility shall equal 5% of its gross revenue on exchange access services earned within the boundaries of the City.
  • C. For limited use telecommunications grantees, a minimum annual fee, payable in advance, of $1,000.00 or $1.00 per linear foot of right-of-way used, whichever sum is greater. This fee will increase annually in July of each year, by multiplying the fee by a fraction, the numerator of which is the CPI Index Figure for the month of March preceding the July in which the fee is to be increased and the denominator of which is the Base CPI Index Figure. As used in this section, “Index” refers to the All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), U.S. City Average, CPI Index published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor. “Base CPI Index Figure” will refer to the Index number indicated for the month of March, 1998, and the “CPI Index Figure” for any other month will refer to the Index number for that month.

Beginning July 1, 2001, the fee will be $1.00 per linear foot. This fee will increase annually by the CPI Index as set forth above. The base CPI will be January of 2001. A limited use telecommunication grantee is defined as one whose franchise limits the amount of linear feet the grantee may occupy, or one who has a franchise as of October, 1998, for the purpose of long-distance telecommunications.

ORS 192.440(3)
Res. 2083
City wide copy fees
Copies of public records

Print Fees (per page per side)
Does not include other fees

A - Up to 11x17 black & white - $0.25
B - Up to 11x17 color & photos - $1.00
C - 18 x 24 black & white - $2.00
D - 24 x 36 black & white - $3.00
E - 36 x 40 black & white - $4.00
F - Maps, Nonstandard Documents, colored documents larger than 11x17 - Actual Cost
G - Police & Municipal Court Report, including discovery, except court appointments (regardless of page count or electronic format) - $20.00 Flat Fee

Electronic Fees
Does not include other fees

H - DVD, CD, or USB - $5.00
I - Audio & Video Recording, in addition to other fees.
(“Lengthy Requests” fee waived for 1st hour of processing.) - $35.00 Minimum Charge

Processing Fees
Does not include other fees

J - Lengthy requests (requests over 15 mins to complete). - $35.00/hr

  1. Fee’s charged at 15 min increments.
  2. Requests less than 15 mins to process may be waived, excluding serial requests.

K - Attorney fees - Actual Cost
L - Requestors must pre-pay the estimated cost of a lengthy request. If the actual charges are less than the pre-payment, then the over- payment shall be refunded.

OAR160-100-0400 Notary fees
  • For taking an acknowledgment, a verification upon an oath or affirmation, and witnessing or attesting a signature: $2.00 per notarized signature on a docu­ment.
  • For certifying a copy of a document: $2.00
  • For administering an oath or affirmation without a signature, for taking a deposition (each page), and for all other notarial acts not specified in this rule: $1.00
ORD. #2230 Taxicab Company Certificate Fee A Taxicab Company Certificate fee of $50 shall be charged at the time of application for a certificate.
ORD. #2230 Taxicab Driver Permit Fee A Taxicab Driver Permit fee of $25 per driver to be permitted shall be charged at the time of application for a permit.
ORD. #2260 Accessory Dwelling Permit Fee A permit fee of $200 shall be charged upon application for a building permit for an accessory dwelling.
ORD. #2261 Mobile Vendor License – Full Year A fee of $500 shall be charged upon application for a full-year license. If the license is not approved, $100 will be retained for adminstrative costs.
ORD. #2261 Mobile Vendor License – 90 Day A fee of $300 shall be charged upon application for a 90-day license. If the license is not approved, $100 will be retained for administrative costs.