Sewer Rates, Fees and Charges

As of March 1st, 2018

Dwelling units:


Monthly flat rate

Motel units:


Per month per unit



Base rate for first 5,000 gallons



Per 1,000 gallons over 5,000 gallons

Those commercial sewer users, excluding commercial independent discharge users, who dispose of a portion of their water by other than the City’s sanitary sewer system shall be billed by computing the average monthly use during the four months of November, December, January and February, and said average shall be the monthly charge for the eight months next following.

For relief of those residents who are experiencing a financial hardship, application may be made to the City Recorder for a reduced monthly charge calculated at 50 percent of the minimum charge as established above.

Commercial independent discharge users must operate and maintain independent wastewater disposal facilities which are currently licensed by the State of Oregon for the disposal of wastewater.  During all times when approved and licensed wastewater facilities are operable, the rate for discharge to the public treatment works will be based on the actual metered flow of discharge, or will be based on the calculated discharge of each employee per shift per day as follows:

Industry discharging only domestic wastewater:

Billing to be figured on 15 gallons per employee/per shift/per day or based on metered discharge.

The metered users of the class will provide access to City personnel to read the meter in each billing period.  They will also provide an annual calibration and certification of the metering device from an individual certified for such verification.

Non-metered users of this class shall provide a verified employee count and total hours worked during the billing period. The City will establish the date for such submittal with each user. Employee information must be expressed in total employees per shift per day. Failure to report this figure on the designated day will result in the base flow charge calculated annually based on employee counts reported.

In the event independent discharge facilities are not operating, or for any other reason the total discharge of a user in this class is provided to the public treatment works, user rates will be calculated in accordance with the commercial account category, or in the event that such discharge exceeds 25,000 gallons per day, an industrial cost recovery rate will be applied in accordance with the ordinances of the City.

Should users of this class not provide access to the waste meter, verification of meter accuracy or employment information as required, the user shall be billed at the commercial rate.

Sewer Connection Fees and Multiple-Unit Dwelling Sewer Connection Permit Costs