Senior and Disabled Transit Program Info

The City of Hermiston provides a taxi program for senior and disabled city residents who meet the qualifications of the program. Eligibility for this program is limited to residents of the City of Hermiston who are either of the following:

  1. A senior citizen 60 years or older; or
  2. A resident of any age who is eligible for disability under Social Security, PERS, other state or private disability, or Workmans’ comp (proof of disability is required).

Once it is determined the resident meets the qualifications an identification card is issued and the participant is able to purchase taxi tickets at City Hall for $2.50 each effective January 1, 2019.

For this ticket, the taxi (owned by Hermiston Transit) will take citizen from any point within city limits to any other point within city limits of Hermiston. Another ticket is needed to return or go to another place within the city. Two or more passengers need to give only one ticket provided both are holders of such tickets, or are the spouse or a child of less than 13 years of age and are accompanying a ticket holder. The taxi company agrees to make an additional charge of no more than $1 for each additional passenger, payable by the passengers.

Hermiston Transit currently receives $6.75 per ticket used. The $4.25 difference is paid by the City of Hermiston from the General Fund and from grant funds received from the State’s Special Transportation Fund.

Unused tickets may be returned for refund of full purchase cost. Ticket users should report the loss or theft of tickets to the City; however, no refunds can be made for lost tickets without substantial evidence to show that such tickets have been destroyed and are unusable. Ticket users may neither sell nor transfer tickets to ineligible recipients. Tickets may be transferred to any person who is registered for ticket purchases and who possess a transportation identification card. Additional information is available at City Hall.