Funland Playground Rebuild

Parks Director Larry Fetter brought the Funland Playground Concept Design in front of the City Council on December 9. Council was able to see the proposed design and were able to hear the history of Funland from Charlie Clupny and the design concepts from Mr. Fetter. The City Council approved the fundraising push to allow for building with the elements proposed. A Fundraising Task Force will be established and will go out to find sponsors. Please read the linked Hermiston Herald article for more information!

Article from the Hermiston Herald - City council approves fundraising push for new Funland

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Funland Playground - BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER!

Hermiston is preparing to build one of the largest and most engaging playgrounds in the northwest. The new Funland Playground, a “destination attraction”, is planned to have three zones including “Wildwest, Adventure, and Farmland.” The plans also include a locomotive, wagon train, stagecoach, pirate ship with a Kraken sea monster, a barn and silo with giant slides, giant fruit and vegetables, and, of course, a 6 foot watermelon slice. With many other attractions planned as well, please check out the city’s website for additional information regarding this important and exciting project.

Funland will be a thrilling place for play, education and engagement for all children and abilities. Many of the features are specifically designed for children with ability challenges making it as inclusive as possible. Funland will be constructed with the most durable and vandal resistant materials available. The grand opening celebration is planned for Labor Day Weekend 2020.

How can you be a part of this historic project?

Buy a fence picket for your family!

Businesses and groups can sponsor any number of features with your logo attached. Volunteer your talent to construct the fence, write a grant, or lead a fundraiser. Give Larry Fetter a call with your ideas, 541-667-5018

*Funland Playground Design Concept Images

Funland Mock Up Funland Mock Up
Funland Mock Up Funland Mock Up
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