Hispanic Advisory Committee

The Hispanic Advisory Committee provides a platform for communication between the city's Hispanic community and the city’s elected and appointed representatives. Members of the committee are a point of contact for issues and concerns related to the City of Hermiston and committee meetings act as a forum for discussion. Members are active in resolving issues as they arrive and developing a stronger community and working to make Hermiston a truly inclusive city, respectful of all nationalities, races, ethnic groups, and cultures.

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The committee meets the third Monday of each month, with the exception of June, July, August and December, at 7:00pm at City Hall. Representatives from the City Council and city staff are also included.

Meeting minutes and agendas are available online

Committee Members

Committee Terms are 3 year terms running from July 1 to June 30 for the period specified below:

Position Name Term Date
Position #1 Mark Gomolski (Vice Chair) June 30, 2023
Position #2 Vacant June 30, 2023
Position #3 Hector Ramirez June 30, 2021
Position #4 Jose Garcia (Chair) June 30, 2022
Position #5 Nazario Rivera June 30, 2022


City Representatives

  • Manuel Gutierrez and Roy Barron, City Councilors
  • Mark Morgan, Assistant City Manager
  • Lilly Alarcon-Strong, CMC, City Recorder


2013 City Cultural Diversity Award.jpgHAC members 4-2018.jpg

The Hispanic Advisory Committee was presented with the National League of Cities' 2013 City Cultural Diversity Award.

Hispanic Advisory Committee Members, from top left: Council Representatives Clara Beas-Fitzgerald (past member) & Manuel Gutierrez; Committee Members: Hector Ramirez; (past member) Carlos Gallo; Vice Chair, Mark Gomolski; Chair, Jose Garcia; and (Council Representative) Roy Nayar Barron.