Livable Hermiston

Children having fun at a playgroundThe City of Hermiston, in conjunction with the Hermiston Futures Task Force, engaged the community about what "livability assets" could either be created, if they don't currently exist, or could be enhanced, if they already exist in some form in the community. More than 2,000 residents were engaged as a part of this process.

Through that process, the committee identified the following "livability assets" as the top projects that the community should focus on over the next 10 to 20 years. It is not expected that the community will be able to achieve these goals in the near future, but should retain these as aspirational goals and be prepared to move forward on them when opportunities present themselves.


Top Assets Identified

Downtown Revitalization

Implementing the existing Urban Renewal Plan, focusing dedicated urban renewal funding and other resources on developing a "Festival Street," and other projects which will attract visitors to the downtown.

Parks/Trails/Open Space

The committee's goal in developing more parks is regional equity, with adequate park space near all residents of the community. With Hermiston at only 70% of national standards for park acreage, there's room for more parks and recreation facilities. With many of the existing parks located on the West side of Hermiston, the Committee suggests looking for future opportunities on the East side.

Indoor Aquatics Center

A multi-use facility that extends Hermiston's aquatic activities year-round.  This facility may also include a family/youth activity center component.

Youth/family activity center

A Boys & Girls Club, YMCA,or similar type of center to host affordable programs and activities for youth and their families that are also open to the entire community. This can be developed as a stand-alone facility, but the Committee strongly recommends it be combined with the aquatics center.