Public Safety Committee - Minutes


Councilor Primmer called the meeting to order at 5:15PM. Present were Councilors Hardin, Kirwan and Primmer, City Manager Byron Smith, Chief Edmiston, Sergeant Chris Martin, Communications Manager Amanda Hartsteen, Captain Scott Clark, and Heather LaBeau.

Personnel Update

Chief Edmiston introduced police staff present, and gave a personnel update of the following positions:

  • Operations Captain Scott Clark is in place.
  • Detective Lieutenant Randy Studebaker is in place.
  • Sergeant Chris Martin is in place.
  • Corporals Riley Studebaker and Leonard Stokoe are in place working patrol.
  • Detective Gutierrez has rotated to investigations and will be attending an 80 hour training academy.
  • Officer Gill is in the traffic position.
  • Training Officer Miears is in place and will be attending the RIMS conference in October.
  • School Resource Officers, Chris McMahon will rotate to the position for grades 6 – 12 and Betty Nava, has finished the Field Training Program, will be in the position for grades K – 5. 
  • Officer Derick Williams will start August 1. 

2nd Quarter (2017) Crime Report

Chief Edmiston reviewed the 2nd quarter crime stats and stated the numbers are very low and believes this is due to the bad winter weather.  Officers were ordered to be responsive during the shifts where weather was problematic.

Calls for service have started to flatten out.   Total crime is down 32% from the 10-year average and down 18% from last year.  This is despite the 12+% increase in population over the 10-year period.   There has been a marginal increase in violent crime, but still on the low end of the normal range for what is expected during the 10-year window.

There were two on the job injuries to officers this year.

Chief Edmiston stated that the records department has been training a new senior general clerical position.  This has resulted in some overtime being paid out as they wish to ensure that the lobby window stays open and timelines for records requests are met.

Department Budget

Chief Edmiston stated that the city has invested approximately $30,000 in the last two budget cycles retrofitting all lights in the Police Department and the Court to LED.  This has resulted in a savings for bulbs purchased and staff time to change the bulbs.  Last fiscal year only 75% of the electricity budget was used which is a savings of over $5,000.

Chief Edmiston presented a handout of special events and the amount of overtime necessary for each event.   Previously officers received flex time when they worked the special events.  The department will now pay overtime for these events.   There will still be the option to receive comp time.  He anticipates an increase in their typical usage of overtime in order to ensure the safety of the public at the events.

Chief Edmiston spoke briefly on vehicles.  The department has replaced three older administrative vehicles with three newer vehicles and remained well within the budget.

Chief Edmiston stated that the department is experiencing significant issues with the tablets being used in the patrol vehicles.  Two computers recently expired due to normal wear and tear and the extreme temperatures.  They are researching more rugged options.  This can triple the price.  They are working with other agencies about potential bulk purchases in hopes of lowering the costs.  

Past/Upcoming Events

The department is having a BBQ for current and retired employees on July 29.

National Night Out is August 1.  The department is ready for the event.

Umatilla County Fair Parade is August 5.  The fair and rodeo is August 8th – 12th.  City Manager Smith and Chief Edmiston attended a meeting earlier in the week.  A dedicated officer will be working an 8 hour shift working traffic inside the EOTEC facility and monitoring the outside area.  Councilor Kirwan is concerned with fire danger if vehicles are parked in the vacant field on E Airport Rd. City Manager will communicate with the Fire District about this concern.  Chief Edmiston reiterated that this will be a learning year.  City Manager Smith stated that there will continue to be change after the first year.

Homemade Explosives Awareness (HME) training is August 23.  This event will be held at EOTEC and Chief Edmiston has invited other agencies.

Misc. Closing Comments

Councilor Primmer complimented Sergeant Martin and Captain Clark on the fine jobs they are doing in their new roles.

Chief Edmiston stated the department sent six officers to a school in Baker City to potentially change the field training program. It is aimed at working with millennials.  

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at 5:49PM.

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