City Council Regular Meeting - Minutes

Mon., Jan. 23, 2017

Mayor Drotzmann called the regular meeting to order at 7:36pm. Present were Councilors Kirwan, Hardin, Beas-Fitzgerald, Primmer, Smith, Gutierrez, and Davis. Councilor Myers was excused. Staff members in attendance were City Manager Smith, City Attorney Gary Luisi, Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan, Chief Edmiston, Sergeant Clark, Corporal Martin, Nate Rivera, Clint Spencer, Bill Schmittle, Roy Bicknell, Amy Palmer, Judge Creasing, Heather LaBeau, Larry Fetter, Chuck Woolsey, and Lilly Alarcon-Strong. News media present were Jade McDowell of the East Oregonian. The pledge of allegiance was given.

Recognition- Eddie De La Cruz, Hispanic Advisory Committee.

Mayor Drotzmann presented Mr. De La Cruz with a plaque honoring and thanking Mr. De La Cruz for the dedication he has given for not only helping create the committee but for leading it to success.  

Mr. De La Cruz thanked the Council for allowing and supporting the Committee to form and helping create a good form of communication with the Latino community and the community leaders. Mr. De La Cruz stated Hermiston is an inclusive community and this Committee only helps to showcase it.

Mayor Drotzmann also thanked George Anderson for the guidance and leadership he has shown in this endeavor. 

Councilor Hardin thanked Mr. De La Cruz for all the work he has done not only with Hispanic Advisory Committee but with the Cinco de Mayo Committee as well.

Councilor Beas-Fitzgerald stated Mr. De La Cruz and George Anderson led the way to having the first Committee of this nature, and because of their leadership and efforts Milton-Freewater is also on their way to developing a Hispanic Advisory Committee for their community.

Councilor Gutierrez stated it was an honor to work with Mr. De La Cruz for the last four years and watch the Committee meeting attendance grow in size to standing room only in conference chambers and in the lower level of City Hall.

Consent Items

Councilor Primmer moved and Councilor Hardin seconded to approve all Consent Agenda items, to include:

  • Minutes of the January 9th, work session and regular City Council meeting.
  • Minutes of the November 28th, Public Infrastructure Committee meeting.
  • Liquor License Application- “Full On-Premises Sales, Change Ownership” for Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant located at 285 E Main St.
  • Announcement of standing committee vacancies for the unexpired portion of a:
  • 3-year term beginning March 2017 and ending December 31st, 2019

Budget Committee- positions #1, #2, and #3.

Recreation Projects Fund Advisory Committee- positions #2.

(Deadline for submitting applications is February 28th, 2017.)

  • Recommendation of standing committee appointments for the unexpired portion of the remaining:
  • 1-year term beginning February 14th, 2017 and ending October 31st, 2017

Parks and Recreation Committee- position #6- Lisa Garcia

  • Remaining 3-year term beginning February 14th, 2017 and ending June 30th, 2017

Hispanic Advisory Committee- position #3- Mark Gomolski

  • Confirmation of the standing committee appointment for the unexpired portion of a 4-year term beginning January 1st, 2017 and ending December 31st, 2020:

Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center Board- Combined (City/County) Motel Position- Vijay Patel

Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution No. 2048- Adopt State Building Codes.

City Manager Smith gave a brief presentation regarding the recent review of the Insurance Service Office which states under state law, the City is obligated to adopt and enforce the building codes adopted by the State. The City had been enforcing the most recent changes by the state, but had not yet adopted them.  Councilor Davis moved and Council Primmer seconded to approve Resolution No. 2048 and lay upon the record. Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution No. 2049- Adopt Recycled Water Rate Increase and superseding Res. No. 1949.

Assistant City Manager Morgan stated Resolution Numbers 2049 and 2050 will be presented together as recent analysis conducted revealed a utility fund deficit between expenses and revenue for 2016 that will deplete financial reserves unless utility rates are adjusted. The proposed 5% increase, over the next 18 months, would meet the current utility need and also allow for several necessary capital improvement projects that will create more cost-efficient operations over the long-term for the City and utility users.

After some discussion Councilor Smith moved and Councilor Gutierrez seconded to approve Resolution No. 2049 and lay upon the record. Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution No. 2050- Adopt a Water Rate Increase and superseding Res. No. 1950.

Councilor Davis moved and Councilor Kirwan seconded to approved Resolution No. 2050 and lay upon the record as presented by Assistant City Manager Morgan under Resolution No. 2049. Motion carried unanimously.

Replace parallel parking spaces in to angled parking on the north side of E. Gladys Ave.

Assistant City Manager Morgan stated at the last work session, city staff presented the Council with a low cost idea to replace parallel parking spaces with angled parking spaces in order to help alleviate the perceived perception that there is not enough parking in the downtown area. With Councils direction, city staff will move to incorporate this change on E. Gladys Ave helping to add an additional four parking stalls. If successful, and with Councils direction, city staff can move forward with adding additional angled parking throughout the downtown area. Councilor Beas-Fitzgerald moved and Councilor Kirwan seconded to approve angled parking on E. Gladys Ave. Motion carried unanimously.

December Financial Report

Councilor Davis moved and Councilor Smith seconded to approve the December Financial Report as prepared and presented by Finance Director Amy Palmer. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Report

Hispanic Advisory Committee: Councilor Gutierrez stated the meeting last week was cancelled due to weather.

Councilor Beas-Fitzgerald stated as part of the Oregon Commission for Women she has been receiving a lot of year-end reports, one of those reports being 2016 women statistics which Councilor Beas-Fitzgerald briefly read, and Latino’s in Oregon report which features a one page spread focusing on Hermiston and children’s health assessment in Umatilla County.

Faith-Based Advisory Committee: Councilor Hardin stated Hermiston Family Promise met last week and is in need of about 10 mentors who would like to mentor at-risk families.

Parks and Recreation Committee: Councilor Primmer asked Parks and Recreation Director Larry Fetter to give an update regarding the Committee.

Mr. Fetter stated they have narrowed down the Recreation Supervisor applications to five and will begin interviewing in the next couple of weeks. The Committee is also moving forward with projects such as the disc golf course.

Mayor Drotzmann asked Mr. Fetter who plowed the park trails.

Mr. Fetter stated Reinie Fisher, a salesman from RDO has plowed the trails a couple of times since snow has fallen.

Mayor Drotzmann stated he has heard a lot of compliments regarding the trails being plowed and how nice it is that people are still able to get out and walk in this weather because the trails have been kept up. Mayor Drotzmann asked that Mr. Fetter please give his thanks to Mr. Fisher. 

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Drotzmann stated based on the feedback he received from Council, he has made changes to Council appointments on City Committee’s which will be given to Council by the end of the meeting.

Mayor Drotzmann stated he was able to participate in the Martin Luther King walk last Monday. Although the weather was terrible, the turnout for the event was large. It was nice to celebrate the event with the City’s recognition.

Mayor Drotzmann recognized Councilor Beas-Fitzgerald for her performance in Dancing with the Stars, stating he voted for her as she did an amazing job. Representative Greg Smith also performed, did a great job, and won.

Mayor Drotzmann stated he is helping with the Vote Yes for Your Kids Committee. It is a committee trying to get support for the new school bond campaign. Those interested please contact the Committee to get your name listed and posted in the newspaper. Mayor Drotzmann stated the Education Foundation is also hosting their Annual Beef and Beach Fundraiser on Feb 4th.

Mayor Drotzmann stated the Rose Parade Float Meeting will be this Thursday, January 26th at 5:30pm at City Hall. Please get involved and participate. Mayor Drotzmann asked that the Council please respond to Executive Assistant Lilly Alarcon-Strong regarding upcoming events to include: LOC Day at the Capital, Distinguished Citizens Award Banquet and Fair Appreciation Dinner.

Council Report

Councilor Smith apologized for missing a scheduled meeting with City Manager Smith as he was at the Hospital welcoming a new addition to the Smith Family, a granddaughter.

The Council congratulated and applauded Grandpa Smith.


There was no other business, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm.


/s/Dave Drotzmann                                       



/s/Lilly Alarcon-Strong                                   


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