Public Transit Planning Advisory Committee - Minutes


Transit Advisory Committee members in attendance were Juli Gregory, Jason Edmiston, Cindy Schaan, Dean Fialka, and Jennifer Roberts. Barb Martin and Kristi Avery were not present. Also present were Council Representatives Doug Primmer and Rod Hardin (arrived at 4:47pm), Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan, CTUIR Planning Director JD Tovey, CTUIR Scheduling Coordinator Susan Johnson, and Executive Assistant Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan opened the meeting at 4:08pm.

KAYAK Update

Mark presented and reviewed ridership statistics with the Committee at each stop for the months of January thru May, as well as looking more closely as stops with minimal use and those not being used at all.

JD stated continued advertising is still very important to get the word out to those who need the service, but may not know it’s available, and suggested advertising at Parks and Recreation events, Farmers Market, and other community events.

The Committee suggested that advertisements for the bus route also be placed in the Parks and Recreation Summer Free Lunch Program, and possibly change the Sunset Park lunch program to the Aspen Apartments site while the park is under construction.

Dean and Juli stated the comments they have heard is that they know there is bus stops but do not know exactly where the stops are because the signs are so small and easy to miss.

JD stated he is hesitant to put up permanent signs because the service is so new and changes are still being made to the route; but, perhaps, can put up a KAYAK logo at the signs to make them more noticeable. But, reassured the Committee the ridership amount would increase the longer the system is in place.

Scheduling and Routing

Mark and Susan stated some of the comments they have been receiving is that the full loop route takes too long to ride and that is why people do not want to use the system.

JD stated the full loop trip is about 1 hour and 15 mins. Taking out stops to decrease the full loop time to 1 hour, and adding another full loop, from 4 to 5, would be beneficial to the riders and could increase ridership as well.

The Committee discussed when a good time for this change would be to occur; effective July 1st or wait until the end of the year to be able to review 1 full year of ridership data and then make appropriate changes at that point. The Committee specifically spoke about the lack of ridership at Riverfront Park and ultimately decided it would be best to possibly eliminate this stop as it could save time, making the full loop route about 1 hour, and possibly allow for the addition of a 5th full loop.

JD and Susan stated they would work on these changes and notify the Committee with the results so the Committee can decide if they wanted to make these change now, before the new bus route schedule is printed in mid-June, or wait until the new calendar year.

The Committee also shared similar interest in adding a Saturday service day. Mark stated he will compile all the data at the end of the year to be able to make a good determination regarding adding a Saturday service.

(Councilor Hardin arrived and Cindy Schaan exited the meeting at 4:47 pm)

Grant Funding

JD gave financial information regarding state and federal transit contributions; grants and Special Transportation Funds; and Kayak’s current needs; and announced that Frank Thomas is the new Region 5 Transit Coordinator.  

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm.

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