City Council Work Session - Minutes

Mon., Apr. 24, 2017

Mayor Drotzmann called the work session meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Present were Councilors Hardin, Beas-Fitzgerald (arrived at 6:44pm), Primmer, Smith, and Gutierrez. Councilors Kirwan, Myers, and Davis were excused. Staff members in attendance were City Manager Byron Smith, City Attorney Gary Luisi (arrived at 6:05pm), Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan, Chief Edmiston, Clinton Spencer, Roy Bicknell, Ron Sivey, Amy Palmer, Rosalie Emerson, Judge Creasing, Terry Cummings (arrived at 6:36pm), and Lilly Alarcon-Strong. News media present were Jade Mc Dowell of the East Oregonian.

Court Presentation

Judge Creasing presented the Council with proposed House and Senate Bill’s, to include:

  • HB 2599- Changes to motorcycle helmet provisions
  • HB 2598- Changes for vehicular assault
  • HB 2643- Changes to child safety systems
  • HB 2613- Changes related to what is considered “driving while under the influence of intoxicants”
  • HB 2638- Changes to allow blood tests to be taken to determine the presence of controlled substances or inhalants
  • HB 2409- Allows cities to use red light cameras, and other technology for speeding violations
  • HB 2460- Allows school bus drivers to operate video recording devices to record people who fail to stop for bus safety lights
  • SB 2- Changes to using a mobile communication device while operating a motor vehicle

And others.                                              

Court Administrator Rose Emerson stated new technology has been added to the Court, to include:

  • Working with Caselle to go completely paperless. As time allows, clerks are scanning in paper items and then shredding them. This was needed as there was no more storage available.
  • Desk top scanners have been purchased for each clerk. This allows each clerk to be more efficient as they can both work on their scanners instead of having to wait until it becomes available.
  • New large TV’s have been placed in the Court. This allows feed to run from the jail, Caselle, and officer videos for trial purposes.
  • A Kiosk has been installed in the court’s lobby. This allows individuals to pay not only court fees, but electric, water, sewer, and garbage bills as well. The kiosk can be used when the Court is open; M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm.

More security features have been added to the court for safety precautions, including: door locking features and microphones at the service window.

Mayor Drotzmann asked that staff look into purchasing and placing more kiosk’s throughout the City and allowing all kiosk’s to be available 24/7 for easy after-hour access to the public.

City Manager Smith stated he will look into this process.

Mrs. Emerson stated Judge Creasing has also been working with DMV and individuals to help get them their licenses back. By doing this, individuals are not becoming repeat offenders and are able to stay employed, be able to keep more of the money they earn, etc because they are driving legally and don’t have to pay to get their vehicles out of impound and other fines associated with driving without a license.

Festival Street Presentation

City Planner Clint Spencer stated the Festival Design Committee had a kickoff meeting in October. Greenworks representatives Mike Faha and Mike Corrente have been working with the Committee to take the ideas noted from the October meeting and refine them into a workable design for Phase 1 and Phase 2. The Committee met last week to review the final design improvements and would like to recommend to the Council that they move forward on approving the designs.

Mike Faha presented the Council with the Committee approved Festival Street Phase 1 design, to include:

  • Creating the Festival Street from E Main Street to E Gladys Ave
  • Change parking from parallel to angled
  • Raising the street elevation on NE 2nd St to match the existing sidewalk height to create a uniform surface level for pedestrians during events
  • Installing Bollards that can be removed at each end of the Festival Street to close the area off during events.
  • Installing decorative bollards, street  trees, decorative street lights, and other fixtures

Phase 1 would be completed in early 2018.

Mr. Faha presented the Council with the Phase 2 design; stating although Phase 2 does not currently have funding, the design would include:

  • Construction of additional plaza space in the public parking lot next to NE 2nd St
  • Construction of a water fountain
  • Extending landscaping and other elements north of E Gladys Ave

Phase 2 is being presented only to allow the Council a view of what the completed project from Phase 1 and Phase 2 would look like, but no recommendation or action is being asked of Phase 2 tonight.

Mr. Faha stated the Festival Street Committee has expressed interest in private fundraising to allow for Phase 2 features like the water fountain feature and more.

Mayor Drotzmann stated he thought private fundraising was a great idea.

Mayor Drotzmann thanked the Court and Greenworks representatives for attending and ended the work session at 7:01 pm. The Councilors took a short break before the regular City Council meeting convened at 7:04pm.

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