EOTEC - Minutes


Present were Board Members Byron Smith (via phone), Dan Dorran, Ed Brookshier, Kim Puzey, Larry Givens Vijay Patel and Don Miller. Also present were Nate Rivera, Holly Lambert and Jade McDowell of the East Oregonian, and members of the public.

Vice Chairman Dan Dorran called the meeting to order at 6:59 am.

Public Comment


Meeting Minutes

Dan moved and Vijay seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the regular Board meeting on August 25th. Motion carried unanimously.

Budget & Fiscal Reports

Nate reported we are on the closeout side of construction. Construction companies doing punch list items and are ready to do a walk-through of the facilities. Nate also addressed the concern of temporary labor at 500% of budget, noting all positions and work done at EOTEC are contracted temporary labor until a general manager is hired.

Kim approved and Vijay seconded to approve the August financial report.  Motion carried unanimously.

Kim moved and Larry seconded to approve the September Disbursements.  Motion carried unanimously.

Larry moved and Vijay seconded to approve the August Monthly EOTEC Event Report. Motion carried unanimously.

Richard L. Stoddard, CPA Barnett & Moro presented the Audit Report. He shared the three opinions given in the course of the report: are financials statements fairly presented and are there concerns with internal controls or non-compliance. Only one issue of non-compliance arose in the beginning of construction phase with two public improvements contracts not advertised as required by law. The EOTEC board provided the response of quickly identifying the issue and correcting the bid process procedure for all future contracts.

Ed moved and Larry seconded to approve the annual audit report. Motion carried unanimously.

Nate presented an issue with only doing bill payables once a month resulting in some not being compensated for six weeks.  Nate recommended the Board allow a mid-month second check run.

Kim moved and Larry seconded to have executive committee approve payables a second time per month outside of board meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.

Fundraising Report

Nate reported there were two corrections to the fundraising wall.  Those corrections and an additional new donor plaque are in process for the donor wall.


Vijay reported we have collected $33,552.57 in the first quarter of the 2017-2018 fiscal year and we have collected $536,878.94 since the program’s inception.


No report.

Facilities-Barn Report

John Eckhardt with Knerr Construction, at Nate’s request, shared the need for bird netting in the barn to protect the insulation and the costs involved. He presented a couple of different options.

Nate reiterated the need to move quickly on this issue. The board discussed different options, funding & timing.

Larry moved and Ed seconded to have the board building committee work with Nate and Knerr to come up with solution options.  Motion carried unanimously.

Facilities-Parking Lot Discussion

Phil Hamm and Tim Winke from OSU Extension Service are available to assist us with vegetation and dust management of EOTEC’s south and east parking lots without labor charges. Phil & Tim shared what has been working at the experiment station to balance having enough vegetation planted soon to hold the soil in place yet not too much to avoid a fire hazard the following summer. There is still a need for some moisture and a multi-year plan will be needed for long-term soil stabilization whether using vegetation or rock.

Don moved and Ed seconded for Dan to work with OSU’s Extension Service to implement a one-time solution with the associated costs outlined and identified to meet the immediate need with the potential for a recommendation to implement a longer-term solution. Motion carried unanimously.

Larry moved and Vijay seconded to bring a prison crew in to pull all weeds on the edges of property as a short term solution this fall.  Motion carried unanimously.

Operations- Horse Sale Discussion

Nate reported the background for this discussion. The event will be held October 13th-15th beginning at 8am on Friday, running 24 hours a day and ending around Noon on Sunday. Set up to clean up event time will be approximately 10-14 days, using the rodeo grounds, the west barn, the three barns, all panels and stalls available from EOTEC and small restroom. Existing pricing of $2500 will be used with no exterior facility pricing in place. Nate noted the scope of this event and potential number of expected participants will require more EOTEC staff. Nate made the Board, and those in attendance who would like to use the facility in the future, aware of the issues EOTEC faces in hosting these types of outdoor events.

Randy Hull shared what they will be doing to prepare for the event, how the event runs and about how many people will be on the property at a time. The 2,000 to 2,500 expected people is a total number over the course of the event, at most 500 people at a time on the property. Randy expects 500 room nights to be rented over the three days in Hermiston, as most participants will be coming from out of town.

Nate presented issues of the amount of traffic on Ott Rd, traffic at all hours and the potential response from neighbors, parking that will need to be managed, the limited lighting in the parking lot, the need for two points of access to the property, the number of people to visit all represent issues the Board will need to manage and realize the liability involved.  Nate also pointed out this type of event is just what we are hoping for in bringing people to the area, yet the event will need to be supervised as it is a first time event in our facilities.

Ed moved and Vijay seconded to authorize Dan to manage this event, working with Randy Hull to develop a plan for this Horse Sale. Motion carried unanimously.

After much discussion on the policy, procedures and process of marketing grant applications, Ed moved and Don seconded to approve the marketing grant application for the Horse Sale of $2500. Motion carried unanimously. Vijay requested applications be received in advance.

(8:44am Kim exited)

(8:45am Ed exited)

Dan addressed the status of Ott Rd.

Larry updated the Board on the option of chip sealing.  They are still working out a schedule.

Byron clarified funds to update Ott Road will become available January 1st and we will want to have a plan moving forward to be completed prior to the 2018 Fair and Rodeo.

Operations- General Manager Report

Nate presented the Board with information regarding identified deficiencies in Event Center Contracts, procurement and outdoor facility pricing. After discussion, several decisions were made.

Don moved and Larry seconded to approve contract changes to include last call for alcohol announcement change from 11:30pm to 11:15pm, last service for alcohol change from 11:45pm to 11:30pm and change the conclusion of music from 12:00am to 11:45pm in addition to giving management flexibility regarding implementing a $250 per day storage fee, with 15 day maximum, adjusting Great Room janitorial fees from $300 to $400, removing customers the option of event tear down, and customers billed the cost of an EOTEC supervisor to monitor events. Motion carried unanimously.

Larry moved and Don seconded to approve the EOTEC’s purchase of horse panel sleeves at a cost of $2300.00. Motion carried unanimously.

The Board directed Nate to use current Umatilla County Fair pricing for one-time only in booking the College and High School Rodeo’s at EOTEC’s facility.

Larry moved and Vijay seconded Nate’s recommendation for a one-time offer of a $400 flat fee regarding the booking of the Middle School Leadership Convention and High School Testing. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment

Stuart Rice requested guidelines for vendors and to be on the Vendor List for EOTEC events in the future or a part of managing EOTEC.

Dan shared where the Board is at in looking into hiring a General Manager and is also having discussions with a management company.

Byron clarified we have opened the hiring process requesting applications for the General Manager position and would need to open the process again if that is the direction of the board.  Our current process with a management company would need to be revamped if other vendors are deemed qualified.

Next meeting

The next regular meeting will be on Friday, October 27th, @ 7:00 am at EOTEC located at 1705 E. Airport Road, Hermiston, OR.


As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:21am.