Faith Based Advisory Committee - Minutes


Present were Pastors James Lafolette, Terry Cummings and Dean Hackett and Jeff Snell. Daniel Maxwell was absent. Also in attendance were Counselor Rod Hardin, Mark Morgan and Chief Jason Edmiston. 

Jeff Snell opened the meeting in prayer at 4:34.

Minutes-  Jeff moved and Dean seconded to approve the minutes of the September 5th meeting.  Motion  carried unanimously.

Mark Morgan Kayak HART bus route update- Mark gave a power point presentation along with handouts of the updated bus route.  The bus has been operating for approximately nine month and makes four loops per day starting at nine am and ending at five pm (approximate) Monday through Friday. Some major changes include: 1) The schedule has been compressed from over an hour for a complete loop to under an hour and two additional stops have been added. 2) The goal is to have six loops per day but this will involve longer hours and the addition of a part time driver. 3) The bus now alternates the direction of the route making it much more convenient for passengers. This way riders do not have to stay on the bus for the entire route and this fixed schedule helps people know and plan, especially our senior seniors. The fact that this bus service is a ride-free service is a tremendous service to our community and is possible due to a lot of grants. 

Chief Jason Edmiston- 1) Jason handed out a diagram indicating the chain of command which showed how many people are employed in each category. Of the 15 categories, 11 of them indicated there had been a change this year. The retirement of a captain started a chain of events which resulted in forty-one percent of the sworn officers (27) being in new assignments. 2) One officer graduated from the academy and one new officer with three years experience has been hired. Two officers have been or are out on extended medical leave which means everyone else scrambles to cover the shifts. Two officers were sent to Texas for specialized training. 3) There has been a 5% increase in calls for service. Councilman Hardin noted that even though the population has grown the crime rate has not and he thanked the Chief for his excellent leadership. 4) Chief is planning to expand the public information foot on Face book by asking each of the two captains and the on-call lieutenant to add one comment per shift.  This can be of an incident that took place and/or a positive comment or even a funny report. The idea is to get more information out to the public. 5) When ask his thoughts about the Nation Night Out response Jason responded that the community response was good yet not what it could be. He plans to continue the medallion hunt and ice cream with the city council and may add a Bar-B-Q at the police station next year. 6)  The question was once again brought up by Councilman Hardin to see if the Chief was interested in there being a “safe place” for the officers to go to write a report or just relax for a few minutes. These “safe places” would be at area churches and two committee members offered their buildings with a third saying he was sure theirs would be available as well. Nothing for sure was decided.

Dean Hackett, FBAC member update - Dean presented a copy of the City’s policy on Appointment, Term, Removal of Members, 32.03, noting that no specific information is included for the qualifications for committee members and specifically for the FBAC. His suggestion was that we come up with the appropriate list of qualifications and present it to City Manager Smith for his review.  Discussion followed with three items being suggested: 1) members must be an active member in good standing in the faith community, 2) a written letter of approval must be submitted by their faith leader, and 3) the candidate must provide a written paragraph of their faith journey. After discussion Jeff made a motion to accept these recommendations to C.M. Smith and Dean seconded. Motion was unanimously carried. 

Family Promise Update- Chris Dammeyer was not able to attend the meeting but was going to be available for a phone call from James. However, due to the length of the meeting and the time restraint, there was not enough time to call her so the update was tabled. James did note that another training event was coming very soon.

The meeting was adjourned in prayer by Rod Hardin at 5:37.

Minutes and Agendas