Faith Based Advisroy Committee - Minutes


Present were Pastors James Lafolette, Terry Cummings, and Dean Hackett. Jeff Snell and Daniel Maxwell were absent.  Also in attendance were Councilor Rod Hardin and Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

Dean opened the meeting in prayer at 4:39 pm.

Minutes- Terry moved and Dean seconded to approve the minutes of the June 6th meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Chief Edmiston Check In

There was no discussion as Chief Edmiston was not present.

National Night Out

Rod stated the overall attendance was down and feels this event is something that needs attention. People need to know who their neighbors are.

James suggested that all area churches begin, before summer starts, reaching out to their congregations and promoting National Night Out, so people have sufficient about of time to begin planning their block parties and encourage all to get to know their neighbors.

Taxi Pass Gift Cards and Transit Advisory Committee Updates

Lilly shared information regarding Hermiston Transportation Services (formerly known as Umatilla Cab Co) Taxi Pass Gift Cards, which are not to be confused with Taxi Tickets from City Hall. Taxi Pass gift cards can be directly purchased through the taxi company for $7.00 each and are good for one way travel inside of Hermiston. Lilly stated this information is being shared with churches as it is a great alternative to cash when someone is requesting assistance. Taxi Tickets can be purchased at City Hall for $2.00 for City residents who are 60 years of age or older and those who have a permanent disability recognized by the Social Security Administration.

Rod stated the Transit Advisory Committee recently recommended changes be made to the current bus route. Recommended changes include removing 6 bus stops and relocating an additional 3 stops. If approved, these changes will allow each bus loop around the City to decrease to 1 hour and, therefore, increase the total overall loops throughout the City from 4 to 6.

Family Promise Update

James stated Kriss had planned on giving updates but had an emergency and was unable to make the meeting. James stated the program already has a great success story from one of its mentees who had a case open with the Department of Child Welfare. After noticeable improvements made by the mentee, with the help of their mentor, their child welfare case was closed.

The Committee agreed this was fantastic news and a very successful Family Promise mentor/mentee case.

Mentors Recruiting

James stated that he has been reaching out to different churches in the area and presenting them with information regarding Family Promise and asking them to participate in the mentoring program. James thought it would be a good idea to have other Committee members speak about this as well. The speech doesn’t need to be more than about 5 mins and should be about Family Promise and Made to Thrive.

Kriss will host another mentor training in the fall.

Dean stated he will continue to work on fundraising and grants for Family Promise.

James stated he will be applying for a grant thru Good Shepherd. He was also given an idea from a Portland Congregation to ask surrounding churches for reoccurring financial help to keep this program running.

James asked Rod to speak with City Manager Smith to see if more City funding is available, stating any help is better than no help.

James stated he will be correcting mistakes made to the bylaws regarding members of the Board and changing the address from Oasis to the new physical location.

School Adoption

Dean gave information regarding a recent fundraiser that was put on by his church which helped 27 students, from their adoptive school, get all of their school supplies. Dean stated their school is wonderfully appreciative of all the help they receive.


Hermiston Christian School is dedicating new building on Saturday September 9th and hosting a 50th wedding anniversary gathering for Rod and Sheila Hardin from 2 to 4pm.

Next Meeting- October 3rd, 2017 at 4:30pm.

There was no other business and Terry adjourned the meeting in prayer at 5:30pm.

Minutes and Agendas