Airport Advisory Committee - Minutes


Members Present: Mike Martin, Ron Osgood, Ron Linn, and Dan Burns.

City Representative: Mark Morgan.

Airport caretakers: Susie Rawe


Members absent:   Tim Beinert

Minutes: None available.

Airport Caretaker Report:  Susie Rawe provided the Monthly Managers Report. This report was reviewed by the committee. Susie reported that Jet A fuel sales have increased over the last month. Possibly due to helicopter ag operations locally. The Jet fuel “Prist” injector gaskets have deteriorated and need replaced. Repairs are scheduled. A new sight glass fuel level indicator is additionally needed.

On September 19th, the military will be conducting a sight evaluation for operational practices later in the year or early 2018. We may see increased helicopter operations for a short time period.

Financial report: Reviewed. On schedule with our budgeted calendar year.

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Airport master plan: The project is on schedule. RFQs are out for the engineering and environmental studies to be conducted. A series of meetings between various agencies will be held over the next year to ensure the desired master plan contains essential development projects. First meeting scheduled for September 20, 2017
  • Airport Fly-In: Hermiston Airport will be having a Watermelon fly-in on Saturday September 2016 starting around 9:00 am. Announcements have been released to various clubs and individuals involved. A thank you in advance to Walkers Melons for the large melon donation.

Meeting adjourned: 4:45pm

Next meeting: October 4, 2017 at 4:00pm

Minutes and Agendas