Public Safety Public Service Announcements

Distracted Driving PSA

Hi, this is Jason Edmiston Chief of Police for the City of Hermiston.

If you text and drive, please stop. Not only is it illegal, it is DEADLY.

During the late evening hours of February 19, 2016, one of our sergeants came to my house to deliver a message none of us in law enforcement enjoy doing. The message was that my 19 year old great-niece Alexxyss had been killed in a two vehicle crash outside of Pilot Rock, Oregon. I was told to call Alexxyss’ mother and she asked me to deliver the notification to my older sister and her husband; both of whom helped raise their granddaughter Alexxyss.

The Oregon State Police thoroughly investigated the crash and it is believed Alexxyss was distracted with her phone at the time of the collision.

Distracted driving is killing thousands of people a year. PLEASE, don’t text and drive. The life you save could be yours.

Speeding PSA

Did you know speeding accounts for roughly 25% of the thousands of traffic citations the Hermiston Police Department issues each year? Policing is the only profession in the world where our goal is to put ourselves out of business. Help us reach that goal and obey the signs to avoid the fines.