Solicitors Licenses

The City of Hermiston, according to Chapter 114 (external link) of the city's Code of Ordinances, requires that, "any person who goes from house to house, or place to place, in the city, selling or taking orders for goods, wares, or merchandise, for present or future delivery, or for the making, manufacturing, or repairing of any article or thing whatsoever, for present or future delivery, except those selling to the merchants for resale," is required to obtain a solicitors license through the City of Hermiston. Solicitors can contact City Hall at (541) 567-5521 to apply for a license.

Currently active solicitors licenses are listed below. If it is currently after the date of expiration shown below, that license is considered expired and void.

Currently Active Solicitors Licenses

Name Company Expiration Date
Jose Gustavo Erazo Jr. Spectrum 12/31/2018
Jose Guadalupe Mendoza Spectrum 12/31/2018
Benson C. Cearley Spectrum 12/31/2018
Oscar A. Hinojosa Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Wesley S. Murphy

Lost Creek Books

Michael L. Navarrete Spectrum 12/31/2018
Brian E. Elgin Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Jake J. Haertling Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Sebastian J. Bower Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Wesley M. Nolan Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Gabriel Mireles III Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Hector A. Adame Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Cole D. Eden Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Justin M. McCart Skyline Security/Brinks 12/31/2018
Cynthia L. Driscoll Eastern Oregon Telecom 12/31/2018
Jenny D. Montes Zamudio Eastern Oregon Telecom 12/31/2018
Yuri Valencia Eastern Oregon Telecom 12/31/2018
Nubia L. Loera Eastern Oregon Telecom 12/31/2018
Bryce L. Waite Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Travis R. Scheibmeir Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Isaac R. Frazier Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Miguel H. Tobon Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
David M. Simpson Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Brady P. Schaefermeyer Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Isaiah M. Rios Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Soloman M. Dittmar Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Nicholas M. Anderson Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018
Brandon M. Bouwhuis Alder Home Protection 12/31/2018