Public Transit

There are several public transit options available to residents in Hermiston; none of which are operated directly by the City of Hermiston.  This page shows the various public transit providers which have direct partnerships with the City of Hermiston.


Kayak Public Transit (HART Bus)

The City of Hermiston pays Kayak Public Transit to operate a free fixed-route bus service within the city which is open to the general public.  This service is called the Hermiston Area Regional Transit (HART).  A detailed schedule for the HART route is available through Kayak's website at the link below.  However it is recommended to simply type your destination in to your smart phone's mapping tool (i.e. Google Maps), and click on the transit/bus icon to see the best recommendation for getting to your destination on the HART.

Population Served:  Open to all general public.

Area Served:  A fixed route within the city limits of Hermiston with several connections to a Kayak bus to Pendleton.

Cost:  Free to riders

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 7am to 7pm

Route Schedule:


Hermiston Taxi WORC Vouchers

The Workforce On-demand Ride Cooperative (WORC) program allows people who are employed anywhere in western Umatilla County to purchase subsidized vouchers to use a taxi to get to and from work.  Users must provide proof of employment (pay stub), and purchase WORC vouchers at Hermiston City Hall.  The program is subsidized by a 0.1% State of Oregon payroll tax, and is intended to be used exclusively for getting riders to/from work.  A full program policy manual can be found HERE.


Hermiston Taxi Senior/Disabled Taxi Vouchers

The Senior/Disabled Taxi Voucher program allows people who qualify as seniors, or have a permanent disability, to purchase subsidized vouchers for taxi rides within the city limits of Hermiston for any day-to-day needs such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc.  Users must provide proof of age and/or disability and purchase vouchers at Hermiston City Hall.  A full program policy manual can be found HERE.

To reach Hermiston Transportation Services for a taxi ride, call 541-567-6055