Capital Improvements Program

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) provides the framework for implementing the City's facility and infrastructure improvement process over a five-year period beginning in fiscal year 2018-2019. The CIP outlines cost estimates for projects that require significant capital investment and are essential to safeguarding the financial health of the City, while providing continued delivery of services to citizens and businesses. It also promotes coordination between city utility departments on projects that overlap service area.

The City Council approved the current CIP on January 21, 2019, and will periodically review and update the plan as community needs and financial resources change. The full document can be found here

Hermiston Avenue

Below are the projects included in the 2018 Capital Improvements Plan that are budgeted more than $100,000.

Water Projects



Well No. 6 Backup Generator $320,000 2020-2021
Well No. 6 Chlorination System Structure $410,000 2022-2023
Well No. 4 Control System $360,000 2022-2023
Well No. 6 Reservoir No. 1 Interior Surface Painting $220,000 2019-2020
Geer Road Water Line Extension $150,000 2018-2019
W. Ridgeway Water Line Replacement $320,000 2020-2021
N. 1st Place Water Line Replacement $800,000 2021-2022
W. Orchard Avenue Water Line Replacement $810,000 2023-2024
Residential Water Meter Replacement $300,000 2022-2024

Recycled Water Projects



E. Evelyn Avenue Gravity Sewer Line Replacement $240,000 2020-2021
Lift Station No. 4 Reconstruction $450,000 2021-2022
Sewer Collection System Capacity Improvements - No. 1 $230,000 2021-2022
Lift Station No. 6 Reconstruction $600,000 2022-2023
Sewer Collection System Capacity Improvements - No. 2 $240,000 2022-2023
Lift Station No. 3 Upgrades $900,000 2023-2024
Lift Station No. 7 Reconstruction $270,000 2023-2024
Vactor Truck $425,000 2018-2019
Recycled Water Treatment Plant Membrane Filter Replacement $100,000 Annually
Recycled Water Treatment Plant Pump and Motor Replacement $585,000 2019-2024

Street Projects



East Theater Lane Construction $585,000 2019-2020
N.W. Geer Road, W. Harper Road and N. 1st Place Realignment $1,500,000 2018-2022
West Theater Lane Resurfacing $600,000 2022-2023
North 1st Place Roadway Improvements $4,500,000 2022-2023