Capital Improvements Program


The capital improvements list for the the Recycled Water Departments is based on replacement/renewal/repair projects completed and operational knowledge of the system by the Recycled Water Department. An update to the City's Sewer Collection System Master Plan is Scheduled to begin in fiscal year 2018-19.


Approved Projects

The City Council has approved upgrades for the treatment plant that will occur over the next several years, to include: 

  1. Digester rehabilitation, installation of new internal mixing equipment.- To be completed by November 2018
  2. Install thickening equipment preprimary digester and post-secondary digester.- To be completed by November 2018
  3. SE 7th Street Gravity Sewer Line Replacement


Proposed Projects

Proposed projects are based on those "increased-capacity" projects where upgrades are required to accommodate growth and "replacement" projects for lines that have deteriorated past the reasonable point of repair. Projects Include:

  1. SE 7th Street Gravity Sewer Line Replacement
  2. E Evelyn Avenue Gravity Sewer Line Replacement
  3. Lift Stations No. 1 and 8 Underground Storage Tank Replacement
  4. Recycled Water Treatment Plant Biosolids Pond Dredging
  5. Recycled Water Treatment Plant Membrane Filter Replacement (every 10 years)
  6. Lift Station No. 1 Pump Upgrades
  7. Lift Station No. 1 Ventilation System Replacement
  8. Lift Station No. 1 Generator Replacement
  9. Lift Station No. 5 Wetwell Upgrades
  10. Lift Station No. 4 Reconstruction
  11. Lift Station No. 6 Reconstruction
  12. Lift Station no. 3 Upgrades
  13. Lift Station No. 7 Reconstruction
  14. Recycled Water Treatment Plant Pump and Motor Replacement