Residential/Commercial Fees and Regulations City of Hermiston

Station Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM.
  • Weekends , 9AM to 5PM
  • Closed Holidays

Station Phone Number:  (541) 567-8842

Be it resolved by the City Council of the City of Hermiston, Oregon, that it is expedient and necessary to install the following charges for solid waste collection services within the City of Hermiston in Accordance with the provisions as outlined in Section 8 of Ordinance No. 1851 and to rescind Resolution no. 1918.

Recycling Centers

City of Hermiston recycling centers are located at:

  • Sagebrush Plaza 302 SW 11th Street
  • 220 W Harper Road near Cost Less Carpet

Public Works Standards

Residential and Commercial Manually Emptied Containers: Solid Waste Rate Schedule

1. Containers  

a. One container served weekly

$11.85 per month

b. Each additional container served weekly (a & b for existing customers only)

$8.10 per month

c. Extra charge per pickup for solid waste not on a regular basis

$2.50 per container

d. Containers are priced level full with lid closed and extra charges will be made for "over-the-top bulk"

$1.50 minimum
2. Minimum special pickup charges to be arranged between Customer and Collector  


  1. Regulation container (manually emptied):
    • Size - 32 gallon maximum not to exceed 60 pounds in weight when filled and 18 pounds when empty.
    • Containers must have lids and handles.
    • Containers must be kept clean and in good condition (plastic liners are recommended)
  2. Container placement must be easily accessible to driver.
  3. All garbage must be drained of excess liquids and wrapped.
  4. Ashes will be taken ONLY if placed in a plastic bag and tied. (Fire hazard to equipment and transfer station.)
  5. Any solid waste around the container will be taken and an extra charge made unless collector is otherwise notified by customer.
  6. No hazardous waste will be taken.

Mechanically Emptied Container: Solid Waste Rate Schedule

1. 35-gallon cart served weekly  

a. Residential curb

$10.25 per month

b. Commercial curb

$10.25 per month

c. Walk-in charge

$5.30 per month

d. Senior Citizens on a limited income (see Regulation #4, page 2)

$8.45 per month


2. 90-gallon cart served weekly  

a. Residential curb

$17.25 per month

b. Commercial curb

$21.05 per month

c. Walk-in charge

$5.30 per month
3. Commercial loose solid waste  

a. 1½- yard container


- once a week pickup

$71.00 per month

- each additional weekly pickup

$63.50 per month

b. 2-yard container


- once a week pickup

$92.30 per month

- each additional weekly pickup

$83.35 per month

4. Commercial compacted solid waste 1½ times the loose container rate  
5. Cardboard recycling container $9.90 per month


  1. 1 1/2 yarn and larger containers must be placed on a hard level surface in a location that will prevent container run-away.
  2. Containers placement must be easily accessible to truk and collector.
  3. Cart placement must be at curb or roadside.
  4. Senior Citizens requesting the reduced rate must make application to Sanitary Disposal, Inc. and meet the Oregon State Poverty Income Guidelines.

Drop-Box Rate Schedule

Delivery Fee:
Drop-box service within 7 day period
$30.00 for first Box
Drop-boxes weighing up to 5 tons $51.70 Haul Fee plus $5.80 per cu. yd
or $63.80 per ton which ever is the greater
Drop-boxes weighing 5 tons and greater $192.95 haul fee plus $35.55 per ton
Demurrage charge per box after 7th day $4.00 per day


  1. Drop-boxes are priced and can be loaded-level full with a maximum weight of 10 tons.

Compacted Drop-Box Rate Schedule

Compacted drop-boxes weighing up to 5 tons
Compactor on call
$68.00 per hour haul fee plus
$5.85 per cu. yd or $63.80 per ton which ever is greater.
Compacted drop-boxes weighing 5 tons and greater
Compactor on call
$209.25 haul fee plus $35.55 per ton

Permit for Yard Trimmings

Residential yard trimming disposal permits are available upon request at the City Hall or Sanitary Disposal office for residential customers in good standings.

This resolution shall be effective on July 1st, 2016.
Passed by the Common Council this 9th day of May, 2016.
Approved by the Mayor this 9th day of May, 2016.

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