Transit Committee

The Transit Planning Committee is a limited-duration, project-specific committee for the express purpose of providing advice to the City Council regarding the above proposal. The Committee will meet in City’s Halls Council Chambers at 5:00pm on September 13th, October 18th, and November 1st.

The Transit Planning Committee will work with City and CTUIR Staff to review options for enhancing Public Transit options within the City of Hermiston. Specifically, review a proposal from CTUIR to expand their service level within the community to provide a fixed-route bus system and make recommendations to the Hermiston City Council.

Committee Members:

  • Dean Fialka
  • Juli Gregory
  • Kristi Avery
  • Barb Martin
  • Jennifer Roberts
  • Cindy Schaan

City and Community Representatives and Partners:

  • CTUIR/KAYAK: J.D. Tovey and Susan Johnson
  • ODOT: Frank Thomas
  • City Council: Rod Hardin and Doug Primmer
  • City Staff: Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan, Chief Edmiston, and City Recorder Lilly Alarcon-Strong, CMC

Interested in Getting Involved? 

Information and Applications can be downloaded online or obtained at City Hall.